Sunday, 20 December 2009

The UK and the EU

I was surprised at the number who voted to withdraw from the EU, especially when Scots seem more comfortable about Brussels than other areas of the UK.

Thanks to all who voted, super turnout and an interesting result, for me anyway.


Vronsky said...

I think Scots have in the past been more relaxed about Brussels rule as we were habituated to London rule, in comparison with which the EU seemed more liberal, less insular, and more forward-looking. What institution wouldn't, I suppose.

But times have changed. The dilution of the London factor by devolution has perhaps allowed Scots a clearer look at the EU - and the EU has changed over the same decade.

Brussels rule now looks like London rule writ large - corruption, cronyism, corporatism, authoritarianism, tory rule for ever (although the name of the governing party might vary). A plague on both their houses.

Incidentally, in your poll I voted for a referendum - if we really mean to establish a modern constitutional democracy here in Scotland, then that is inescapably the only option. In Scotland the people are sovereign, and the national constitution can only be varied on their command.

subrosa said...

Vronsky, I know we tend to differ on occasion but your comment echoes my thoughts.

Strangely I too voted for a referendum as I feel it the most productive and honest way of the issue being debated openly.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie how about putting one up for Scottish Independence. Your blog is widely read, go on??

subrosa said...

Tell me the questions then KBW.

Apogee said...

Interesting result.Watched with interest as the votes increased, a bit 50/50 at the start then the YES votes took off.
I think Vronsky's comment covered it pretty well. The only imponderable is the people who are only barely aware of anything,and tend to do what the MSM tells them to do,if they even bother with that.With most people it seems a gut reaction, they want out, to control their own destiny.It's doubtful they would do worse when you look at the way Scotland has been treated since the UK joined the EU.


subrosa said...

It was interesting Apogee. I left it up a wee while to see if it would return to 50/50 but it didn't.

Maybe more of us are beginning to see the EU differently from it's political sales spiel.

Hammer said...

Interestingly, the "not positive about the EU" polling figures still hover around the 50% mark in most surveys. I wonder if this reflects a more militant tendency amongst anti-EU campaigners?

subrosa said...

Are you calling me militant young man? lol

I think you may be right up to a point, but if the antis seem rather militant then perhaps it's because they feel they're not being heard.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Its possible that I may be described as a militant against the EU as I am one of those who voted to leave the EU. The distinction, however, is I am anti-EU and not anti-European, as described by many militant Euro fanatics.

I am someone who in 1975 voted to remain in the Common Market because of the lies fed to us then about the true nature of the project. When the rest of the people of these islands awake to what is happening that figure to withdraw from the EU will increase greatly – I have seen a vast change in the twelve years I have been an active campaigner against the EU take-over of our country.

subrosa said...

Hello Derek, good to see you're still fighting.

I didn't vote in 75 because I wasn't in the country but like you, I'm not in the least anti-European, I'm anti-EU.

Wonder how many more are like us?

Anonymous said...

It is a very important distinction to be made (anti-EU or anti-European). Although I have blogged in the past about what it even means to be anti-EU (see:

I am convinced that the majority of the UK population would (as your results reflect) want to leave the UK. As a result we have a situation where our politicians are dealing with EU matters behind our backs rather than in public scruitiny.

For me the most important issue is to bring some accountability into UK politics around the EU. The first step to do this is to move the debate on from are you pro or anti EU!

Still, any debate around this issue is better than what we are currently getting in our press (almost a black-out)

subrosa said...

Good post on your blog Steve. My view is that I would prefer an independent Scotland to be like Switzerland but I'm always open to the debate.

Yes I agree, unfortunately in the past 25 years the politicians have handled EU matters badly and have been incapable of taking the majority of people along with them.

If the likes of Blair hadn't been so thrawn and given us a referendum then the people may be far less opposed to the context of the EU but the people haven't had a say since 75.

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