Saturday, 26 December 2009


Yesterday I was given some gifts which require a least a little technological knowledge. One was a picture frame which can show me my life in slow motion, as long as I have the photos to load onto it. They're in the attic somewhere so will have to be found and then scanned into the Mac before this nifty gift can be of any use, but do I want to see my life in slow motion I ask myself.

The second is a video camera which is about the size of my hand. It's supposed to take good 'stills' too but the ones I've taken so far are dreadful. Must read the instructions a bit more.

The third present was a mini-Hetty (pictured). It's a wee hoover which I'm expected to keep on the desk here and use it to keep it clean. (I never realised it was mucky but obviously others don't agree.) It even has attachments for hoovering the keyboard so no excuses for crisp crumbs anymore. Sad really, I quite enjoyed the task of removing them with a toothpick when I was watching videos.

But I must modernise, can't allow myself to stick in the 2000s.

Don't expect any home-made videos though and do please understand if there are any grammatical errors it's all to do with Hetty interfering with my keyboard and nothing whatsoever to do with my typing skills. Bear with me, technology isn't my strong point!


cynicalHighlander said...

We were given one those frames so we now have an electric analouge clock, how times move on. Hetty must be daughter of Henry, still got our Nilfisk from last century, this keyboard end up dismantled and washed in the sink as sticky things don't hoover. You'll eventually get to like your camera as time progresses as it beats hoovering hands down and is history in the making.

Oldrightie said...

Subrosa, you make mucky sexy!

subrosa said...

Tut tut CH, I don't have sticky things around the computer. Well sweeties aren't really sticky are they?

I hope I get used to the camera. It's rather good really and so lightweight. Now I'll have to learn how to use iMovie properly.

Aye Hetty is I think because I used to be the owner of Henry but he was handed on to another home when he was replaced by Dyson who's a bit of a smoothie.

cynicalHighlander said...

Just remember a little maintainance goes a long way and trial and error with the camera will pay dividends in the future, happy snapping. Its Baltic here -10.7C and have to smirk at word veri 'sogymes'.

subrosa said...

I'll persevere CH I promise.

It must be much about the same here. Not going outside to check though. There's still around two inches of 'snow' lying but really it's just solid ice now.

Like the word ver lol.

banned said...

How very thoughtful, a 'hoover' for Xmas, you must have been thrilled, like when I got my mum a K-Tel Buttoneer.
Does Hetti get fag ash from out of the keyboard thus making shaking it out in the garden a thing of history?

subrosa said...

It certainly was as thrilled as last year's salt grinder banned.

I don't smoke in the house but just for you I'll do an experiment in the next couple of days.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

MOdernity can be over rated at times. Dont you think?

All too often today we see change for the sake of it. Hardly something I as an incrimentalist enjoys or much tolerates.
Always an enjoyable postiing on here from you Subrosa!

Merry x'mas

p.s and a good new year.

subrosa said...

Indeed I do think Dean. Much I don't need and don't see the necessity for it.

Thank you for the compliment. A Guid New Year to you too.

Dramfineday said...

Santa brought Mrs Dram an iplayer for her Christmas and I've just spent an afternoon setting it up...well there's tunes and stuff on it now!

At one point I was thinking of abducting a passing teenager or two for help

subrosa said...

Do you mean iPod Dram? I thought iplayer was the BBC's recorded videos.

You've got me thinking I must update mine. Don't use it much but it's good for when I'm gardening and want a little motivation.

Know how you feel about abducting a youngster. I was given a lesson here about the new video camera by a technology geek and it was so fast and furious, I didn't learn a thing. :(

Dramfineday said...

See, you've just proved my point SR, I couldn't even get the name right...doooh

subrosa said...

Somehow I don't think your heart was in the setting up of your wife's iPod banned. Mind you, you've managed it so good for you.

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