Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Scottish Government mini-Reshuffle

Unexpectedly, but not unsurprisingly, Alex Salmond moved Fiona Hyslop from Education to Culture and External Affairs today. She will take over the remit of Mike Russell but without the constitutional element and Mike Russell has moved to Education.

Mr Salmond will take personal responsibility for constitutional matters.

Fiona Hyslop has had a difficult time in the post of Education Secretary especially recently when some councils refused to reduce class sizes and employ more teachers. This was part of the 'concordat' the SNP agreed with COSLA and the SNP government insist councils were given the money to take the appropriate action. We have yet to be told by councils where the money was spent if not on education.

Alex Salmond said :

Schools policy has reached a difficult period with our disagreement with many local authorities about their failure to reduce class sizes by sustaining teacher numbers, while we have achieved a new record low in primary school class sizes.

“It is appropriate that a fresh look is taken at this and other schooling issues to break the impasse for the benefit of parents, teachers and children. I believe that Michael Russell can bring new thinking to this tough task.

A smart move at the right time. The problem with councils unable to adhere to agreements needs fresh thinking. This mini-shuffle has probably been on the cards for some time. After all, yesterday Mike Russell fulfilled his remit to deliver the Bill on Scotland's constitutional future.


Killer said...

What an ugly woman!!!

subrosa said...

Killer, you haven't met me yet! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty smart move by Salmond I think.

Mike Russell is a very clever man, and a consumate politician.

I think thought that if as taxpayers, we have been paying councils to employ teachers, and they haven't done so, we have the right to know what they ahve been spending the money on.

I hope it's not drink. Councils seem to spend an awful lot of money on drinking and having parties. Far too much in my opinion.

subrosa said...

Do I detect a slight ting of jealousy there Tris because you're not a councillor? lol

Yes quite a few 'receptions' seem to go on plus of course all the lunches etc given at 'training' courses.

Anonymous said...

LOL Oh lord no Subrosa, I have been to a couple of these functions for the twin city (Orleans) as a translator/interpreter, and was absolutely astounded at the amount of drink that was put away, and frankly at the state that some of them were in when they left.

Seriously, there are better uses for the money they spend on catering.

subrosa said...

Tris, isn't that a lesson in the term 'free loading'? :)

Yes indeed some (not all) politicians make the most of every courtesy offered. Sad but true.

I agree entirely. They should pay their own way. If I remember rightly there were problems with Edinburgh councillors even paying for a soup and sandwich lunch via an honest box.

Haven't heard how that was resolved if it ever was.

scunnert said...

Aye - this portfolio needs someone unafraid to take on Glasgow and kick erse.

subrosa said...

Aye indeed scunnert. Perhaps Ms Hyslop was just too 'nice' for the job.

Strathturret said...

Mike Russell strengthens the SNP cabinet in my opinion. A strong, forceful and erudite man. Fiona Hyslop was perhaps promoted beyond her competance; perhaps some gender balancing?

subrosa said...

Yes he does Strathturret and I'm pleased he made up his differences with Alex Salmond.

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