Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Monckton vs Greenpeace

One of the comments on this video from the Youtube site:

'Awesome. Why do people blatantly ignore the argument of sceptics, especially considering that skepticism is the most catalysing tool for scientific accuracy?

CO2 is a TRACE GAS taking up 0.0004% of the atmosphere. It is absurd to assert that it has any effect whatsoever on climate or temperatures, unless it has an impossible absorption rate.'

The specific heat capacity of CO2 is lower than that of air, so how is it even possible for CO2 to cause warming when it more likely causes cooling.

Editor's note: It's been brought to my attention the above calculation of CO2 in the atmosphere is incorrect. It should read 0.04% and not 0.0004%. It was a comment left on YouTube and I cannot amend it except here.


Captain Ranty said...

I think, Rosie, we need to ask why Lord Monckton is telling the truth.

Could it be that he has absolutely nothing to gain by joining the Warmists?

Could it be that that when he examined the datasets he did not see a need to hide the decline?

Could he be the last honourable man left in Copenhagen?

Just askin'.


wv = mobsworth. I jest not. It adequately describes the COP15 set.

Quiet_Man said...

Even if CO2 were to affect the planet as much as the warmists would have us believe, there's no way on earth we could stop or prevent natural climate change unless we somehow find the thermostat control for the sun. Our best bet is adapt and survive rather than spend trillions trying to prevent the inevitable.

subrosa said...

He could well be CR. I've read his arguments along with other views. Indeed he would have far more to gain from joining the warmists than not.

Great WV. :)

subrosa said...

Quite QM, I've just been watching a bit about that on TV. We would need to stop the sun's rays reaching earth and the suggestions were interesting to say the least.

Why do we have to spend trillions doing something that will make little difference?

The Filthy Engineer said...

It seems sad to me then when he asks those Greenpeace followers a question, they have no answers. Green is the new religion.

Oh well, I'm off to recycle a polar bear or two.

subrosa said...

It is a religion FE and a scary one. Just watched the news and now the celebs are lining up for their turn in the camera spotlight.

Dramfineday said...

Global warming eh - I'm off to get the sheepskin out....long freeze ahead

Strathturret said...

Think you have decimal point in wrong place? CO2 is 0.04% in atmosphere.

subrosa said...

Aye so they were saying on radio this morning Dram.

subrosa said...

Sorry Strathturrent, it is a comment but not mine. I will put an editor's amendment.

Hammer said...

I'm sorry Subrosa, but I cannot take the man's scientific authority seriously. Even in that video he's arguing that warming is a good thing because few animals live in cold climates. This would seem to go against everything I know about ecosystems and co-dependance, although I, like the good Viscount, am not a scientist. If one has to take Al Gore's views with a large pinch of salt, one must do the same with Monckton - they are both political poster-boys, not experts.

QuietMan - Depending on the projections, adapting and surviving could come down to the deaths of many billions of people as large areas of Africa, Asia, and the Americas become uninhabitable. Europe, Russia, Canada may be fertile, but they aren't fertile enough to feed and shelter 7 billion.

subrosa said...

Hammer, my point in choosing that video clip was to show just how uninformed protesters are. I would agree Monckton isn't a scientist by any means but at least he doesn't have his fingers in the '7 years and we're doomed' pie like Prince Charles.

banned said...

Same old CND, Greenpeace, ban the bomb, Swampy-adoring, hippy crusties that have jumped onto every trendy bandwaggon for the last forty years except that this time they are protesting in favour of the New Establishment and they don't like the fact that Christopher Monckton is more knowledgeable and articulate than they are.

subrosa said...

It's right what some are saying banned - it is the new religion.

People need something to believe in and our religious leaders have let us down. A few saw the gap and hey- global warming.

Entrepreneurial right enough but a sad replacement as a spiritual belief. Then again many would say the story of christianity was nonsense too.

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