Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Invisible Man

The title should have read 'Where is the Lord?' perhaps. Has Peter Mandelson decided enough's enough?

Although I've watched little television in the past weeks, I have missed the slick spinning tones of Lord Mandelson.

Are the rumours true?

Didn't some of us say it would all end in tears? Credit where credit's due Peter Mandelson has contributed greatly to Gordon Brown's team since he returned to the fold. Will his withdrawal of support for Brown make a difference to the forthcoming general election results?


JRB said...

Morning Subrosa

Consider the following scenario –

The election has passed and labour have, as expected, lost.
A Tory/LibDem hung parliament now rules.

The Labour party angered by its humiliating defeat bay for blood and Gordie is sacrificed at the political alter.

Now the Labour party need a new leader, a new saviour. Step forward the ‘Dark Lord’, who over recent weeks and months has gently stepped further aside from the former leader.

A Tory/LibDem hung parliament will never last, soon it will be time for the ‘Dark Lord’ to emerge from the shadows and take over – the world!!!

subrosa said...

Good morning John. The very thought! Certainly not impossible though but isn't there something to do with him being a Lord that he can't stand as labour leader?

I agree a tory/libdem setup would fall apart quickly.

Interesting scenario though John but I think Mandelson will just bow out really and make his pile from investing/after dinner speeches etc - just like ex-prime ministers in fact!

Clarinda said...

I think I know .......that huge Christmas tree outside No.10..........has anyone looked up to see what's on top of it this year?

subrosa said...

Oh Clarinda, excellent!

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

He's quiet at the moment. Too busy negotiating his Christmas bonus with the Rothchilds.

subrosa said...

You may not be far wrong there Crinkly. He's up to something certainly. Mandelson isn't one for hiding in the wings without good reason.

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