Monday, 14 December 2009

I'm a Politician - Get Me Out of Here!

Where are Gordon Brown's advisors? Surely someone could have told him that walking around in a suit in a war zone isn't a good idea.

Perhaps he shunned sensible advice, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. The MSM did his bidding this weekend though with their 'first PM to stay in a war zone overnight' headlines. I understand Mr Brown's 'basic accommodation' was the VIP area adapted for his determination to be seen as 'one of the lads'. All things considered, he was safer being protected by our troops than many of us would be on the streets of some of our inner cities.

Many of you know my feelings about politicians visiting the front line, but I will reiterate them. These visits require a great deal of forward planning. The military's usual schedules are upset. Transport is taken out of normal service because these VIPs require to be ferried around. It's not just the VIP but their entourage and press pack, therefore more than one helicopter is needed per trip. Soldiers are pulled off normal duties to line up for the compulsory photo calls.
One commenter on the ARRSE forums puts the PM's visit succinctly:

'Visits to hot and sandy places are of benefit only to those who are doing the visiting. Prior to these snakes arriving in theatre the lads, who are busy enough as it is, are required to sit through pointless briefs about media exposure, followed by hours of pushing brooms around the desert. On the visit itself the lads will stand around and nod in agreement with the PM whether they agree with his comments or not, purely because they don't want to rock the boat and embarrass the CofC. How does this benefit the lads? I've not even started about the extra security arrangements required while he's there. What possible benefit does this bring anyone, apart from himself?'

Nothing more I can add.


CrazyDaisy said...


A pal messaged on Facebook - "he (PM) has a warm handshake but David Cameron is the real snake in "The Stan" = desperate to be popular"

Nuff said - 2 un-genuine vote grabbing parasites making as many photo opportunities as they're able to at the cost of brave men and women's lives.

I had the same with Bliar in Iraq - as my old mum used to say "be sure your sins will find you out" and by feck they an election and let Scotland be finally free of these Westmidden monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Typical politician. Not a though for the disruption that they will cause. I bet he had a very comfortable bed for the night though; just the appearance of being an ordinary blooke along with the lads.

The sad thing is it works. The obedient press slaver at the terrible sacrifices that our brave prime minister has endured to be one of the boys, even if he didn't, and the sheeple all nod their heads in agreement.

Prat. He's en route for Copenhagen to see if he can't get himself seated next to Obama or Hu and let some of their importance rub off on him.

Stupid little nothing.

Hammer said...

Was there no comments when David Cameron was in the same place, in the last few weeks?

subrosa said...

Most interesting CD. I can understand the desperation in David Cameron and in Gordon Brown.

Won't say more - you've said it all.

subrosa said...

Tris, sadly it does yet hopefully some will realise it's all propaganda and nothing sincere.

Cameron isn't any better sadly.

subrosa said...

See CD's comment Hammer.

JRB said...

I'm sorry, but looking at that picture an image of Lady Penelope’s man servant Parker springs to mind.

It’s like a scene from an episode of Gerry Anderson’s puppet show ‘Thunderbirds – International Rescue’

I wonder who is pulling his strings?

Anonymous said...

I hear Brown is going to give millions for the fight against IED's. Notice every where he goes, every where he speaks, he's always got a few billion to dish out especially to foreigners but its cuts all around back home. The country is completely broke because of Brown. He's completely off his trolley.

Here I'll send all you other Bloggers a few billion each for a Christmas drink and while I'm at it, where did I put that other billion, billion, billion, oh dear must have left it in the hut at Camp Bastion or did I give it to the Taliban?

subrosa said...

Could it be someone connected with the Rothchilds John? They are in arms I believe.

subrosa said...

Hi Lorenzo. Such a generous man isn't he? Especially with our money.

banned said...

That photo alone makes Brown look even more ridiculous than usual. JRPs comment about him looking like Parker is spot on, my thought was that he looks like a cheap bad guy from Dr. Who and that some wag in the Army gave him it for that very reason.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I would rather get shot than walk about looking like that. What a twat!

Quiet_Man said...

Wonder how much this cost, not just in money, but in time and security considerations too. Politicians should avoid ongoing military action photoshoots like the plague, it does not do their reputation any good at all. By all means visit, but keep it low key and fact finding only, no press.

subrosa said...

Aye I think there's a little humour involved here banned don't you?

subrosa said...

He's been there before DL so surely he know nobody walks around in a suit. A sure target if there ever was one. The man live in another world.

subrosa said...

A great deal of money QM, from removing men from their normal duties to the cost of flying and escorting these people all around which is a major exercise. It's not just the VIP either it's the hangers-on and press.

A good politician would do as you say and forget the photo shoots. Let the military press leak it in time.

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