Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hootsmon Healthlines

Produced by the lovely Conan


Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, nothing about the Supremely evil SNP tax on the front page of the Hootsmon.

The editor needs to be sacked.

Nevsky said...

Hope ma wee bloag will be of interest when i get going properly. Keep up the fight!

Merry Christmas to everyone.


subrosa said...

Lol Sandy. I thought I'd call them healthlines today because, depending where you sit on the political spectrum, Conan's headlines can damage health.

subrosa said...

Nevsky, I'm off to have a look once I've checked the soup.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Dubbieside said...


Conan always worth a read. I think there could be a market for his headlines as a calendar.

Thought that the Hootsman would have had something today about Alex Salmond using his influence to hog the bird flu vaccine.

Salmond stops urgent cases getting flu vaccine, jumps the queue says Jackie Ballie.

Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year. Lang may your lum reek.

subrosa said...

Dubbie, that's a great idea. I'll pop over to his place and tell him.

I'm sure he'll do something today with that.

Same to you Dubbie. My lum's reeking away fine - costing a fortune though. :)

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Don't worry Sandy, the evil lower case snp tax shall return!
Nevsky; I shall gie it a wee keek the noo.
Market Dubbieside?That would be selling out to the man... how much would the market be worth you reckon...?
Thanks Rosa, as ever, hectic day for me tomorrow, may not post for a wee bit, if so: Merry CHristmas.

Dubbieside said...


If you are worried about marketing you could donate any proceeds to the SNP to help further the cause.

That would be sticking "IT" to the man.

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