Tuesday, 29 December 2009

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Oldrightie said...

North Sea Oil is like gold to Labour so, ergo, it is now worthless!

subrosa said...

How right you are OR. They've squandered the profits on their jobs for the boys and we the taxpayers haven't seen any benefit.

This is the usual labour lies. Can't have the Scots thinking for themselves can we?

Strathturret said...

We must be the only people in the world who have discovered oil and got poorer. Our level of OAP pensions and child poverty are deplorable.

Apart from a few improved roads we have got very little from oil.

subrosa said...

The only road improvement which affects me is the Ballinluig junction on the A9 Strathturret. That has made a difference.

Otherwise nothing shows we're an oil country. I feel rather sorry Aberdeen has had to wait all these years for a proper by-pass when they have been host to the oil industry for nearly 40 years.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Yeah we will forget about the 18 years of Tory Jackboot tyranny and the amount they stole eh?

Still they also sold the UK out to the EU (You remember the Maastricht Treaty treaty) as well best not mention that either

Strathturret said...

And a complete lack of any great buildings in Aberdeen; I mean a few shopping centres and an exhibition centre that would be at home on a prosperous farm.

Oldrightie said...

"Yeah we will forget about the 18 years of Tory Jackboot tyranny and the amount they stole eh?"

I'll take no history lessons from a rabid and blinkered socialist/communist juvenile,
Mxygreek, thank you. Maggie spent a lot of oil revenue repairing the damage done by the second worse so called Government in The Uk's history. This time round we're bust, sod all reserves, toilet paper money and not an infrastructure in sight.

subrosa said...

Sadly yes Strathturret. Scotland has little or nothing to see from the oil, whereas the south of England has the M25, Channel Tunnel and lots of improvements to the London area. No expense spared.

subrosa said...

Unfortunately OR, Maggie's use of the oil money was never seen to have been of any assistance to Scotland, other than pay the benefits of the industrial workers whose jobs were lost through her policies.

That's the way it's viewed here and I think will be for a few more generations.

As I said to Strathturret,we have nothing here to show for the oil. Not even a bridge say over the Tay (much needed) along with other much needed infrastructure.

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