Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hootsmon Headlines

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Produced and directed by the lovely Conan


banned said...

Spiffing idea, give Xmas back to we English and keep your Hogmanay which, darn sarf, is just another excuse for the younglings to get wasted and the middle classes to indulge in maudlin faux sentimentality.

btw, Buckie Jags Man's petition has now reached 1,320 signatures.

subrosa said...

Banned, I remember when Christmas Day was a normal working day in Scotland. We had a family lunch, staggered a bit because my Dad, Grandpa and Uncle all had different lunchtimes but it was a special meal.

What so wrong with a bit of sentimentality? I cry every New Year no matter where I am and it's not with drink either because I don't drink til after the Bells.

Yes I checked on Sunday. It's grand isn't it.

Strathturret said...

Quite seriously I knocked on a door in Forfar while canvassing and was told by a woman that she was not sure about voting SNP in forthcoming GE because of attitude of Dundee Council to Christmas.

subrosa said...

I can quite believe that Strathturret. I may have responded the same way if I wasn't pro- SNP some of the time.

They shot themselves in the foot with that one. Small proposal but so important to the electorate.

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