Thursday, 10 December 2009

Holyrood High Jinks

What is going on with the opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament? I understand part of their job is to scrutinise the government and I could accept if they even used a jewellers loupe, but this past week or so matters have taken a turn for the worse, not for the government but for labour in particular, who are beginning to look like spiteful time wasters.

First up was John Swinney who has been accused of breaking the rules in his dealing with a duke and a developer planning a controversial wind farm. Mark Rowley, deputy chairman of the local community council complained of Mr Swinney's conduct to Sir John Elvidge. Now let me guess what party Mr Rowley may support...

Next up was a labour MSP calling for an inquiry to investigate Alex Salmond's role in the class sizes row. He stated, "We've serious concerns that the SNP Government has broken three of their own codes of conduct."

And finally all opposition parties wasted time criticising the First Minister's choice of Christmas card.

Let's hope today FMQs has some sobriety about it. Will Mr Gray finally pull off his desire to convey the earnest sincerity of an evangelist preacher on a Save the Sinners mission? Will Ms Goldie achieve her aim of receiving a Yes from the First Minister regarding her call for more health visitors? Will Mr Scott's dresser forget his client's cufflinks? We can but wait.


The Last Of The Few said...
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The Last Of The Few said...


Salmond made a huge mistake with the class size statement he made.
I was totally impracticle with current spending on education. I notice the figure was also revised upwards twice now.

And being honest ........there is nothing Christmassy (is that a word) about that card .......its awful.

PS where is that Nordic Lady......I hope she comes back soon!!! *grins*

subrosa said...

I doubr if Alex Salmond intentionally upped the figures LotF, but then he is a politician after all.

Takes me back to one FM who insisted the Parliament would cost £40m or thereabout and nobody tried to oust him for his 'error'.

It's a painting first and foremost then a card. It's certainly controversial.

You mean Mrs Danske Pastry? I should think she is may be resting as it's daytime. ;)

Danish Pastry (Mrs) said...

I'm listening.

I am swept off my feet, at the moment.

Dansk kisses, big boy.

CrazyDaisy said...


Aye my thoughts exactly, empty rhetoric, it was a brave aspiration regarding class size, but sadly unachievable across Scotland.

However, there's nothing wrong with having aspirations and aspiring to better things for our society rather than the GUFF Labour have given us for decades.

Plenty of noise making and as usual empty vessels from the red side of Holyrood!

A new hope (key StarWars muzak!)


subrosa said...

I loved the Star Wars musak CD but never got into the programme. Aren't I a sad individual?

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