Saturday, 12 December 2009

Crepi il lupo

Vronsky is one of my loyal readers and sent the following by email. It speaks for itself. (I do have permission to publish it).

About fifty years ago I was recommended by my much respected English teacher to read the works of George Mikes, a Hungarian humourist. Just recently (|I get there in the end) I read his 'Deutschland uber alles' - an account of his visit to immediate post-war Germany. What must have been a wonderful opportunity for journalism, Mikes turns into a rather petty show of bon mots and sententiousness - all very trivial. He sounds a prick. On the other hand he has his moments - I thought we must all now identify with this line:

If you live beside a wolf, you are bound to become a little unsettled; if you live at some distance where the wolf may still reach you, you become anxious. But if you live right in the jaws of the wolf, you are beyond caring. You settle down between its teeth as comfortably as you can and stop worrying.

An Italian expression of good wishes in a risky venture is 'in bocca al lupo' which means 'in the mouth of the wolf'. The conventional reply is 'Crepi' or 'crepi il lupo' - may the wolf die!

Crepi il lupo



Cruachan said...

Time to prise open the wolf's red, white and blue jaws.

'crepi il lupo'

Oldrightie said...

If we regard the wolf as The EUSSR, I suspect it's jaws are wired shut!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Dansk Pastry in your glorious and that Panda one7?

subrosa said...

Think Mrs Dansk Pastry is too busy to write. Hope she'll bother to give an account of her week though.

If the Pandas got any sense it'll be inside out of the cold and not running around on speeding trains.

Anonymous said...

Cold snap in Shanghai, -2 Celsius.

Goat the fur coat on.

subrosa said...

Jings it's much the same here Bug, was -1 a wee while ago.

Goat the heating turned up.

Anonymous said...

Turn the therostat doon hen, us Pandas need all the heat and light wur coal burning stations can generate.

Global warming ha ha ha ha!

Night night suckers

subrosa said...

I've my thermals on Bug, all set to see the meteors.

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