Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Biggest Panto in the World

This post isn't about labour or about my scepticism about climate change which the main UK parties support, my readers already know about that.

Today I was talking to some acquaintances and one gave me the title for this post. She wasn't a total sceptic. She believed in recycling; believed there was too much packaging in goods; too many inferior quality goods were on the market which, when required repaired it was cheaper to replace and far too many food goods imported from half way across the world.

You won't be surprised she was of my generation.

Back to the point of this post. This extravaganza in Denmark is pre-planned theatre. I cannot be convinced that leaders of the relevant countries have not come to some concensus prior to this over-hyped event. It's all be decided long before this theatre in Denmark.

If that wasn't the case why wasn't Gordon Brown supprorting Bob Ainswoth's anoucements about the cuts in our military? We're at war for goodness sake!

Apart from the fact that Gordon Brown has 'arrived two days early to sort out the serious problems' and that initially Barack Obama wasn't going to attend at all, we've been deceived.

Gordon Brown, in all possibility, planned to appear in order to protect his position as Saviour of the World. Barack Obama didn't like Gordon posing as the biggest Saviour of the World and decided to attend albeit, at the last minute once he realise he was being usurped as the Biggest Saviour of the World, and the other countries' leaders played along with the fact that they want more money aside from the billions of aid given by us westerners.

I go to panto to be entertained. (I'm highlighting panto for my overseas readers as it's a very British performance). It's not my expectation for a panto to deplete my pension even more and that's what this bunch are doing.

There will be a 'decision' from Copenhagen, you bet there will. It's all been decided behind close doors and the money-makers will ensure the end of this theatre results in their wishes. Dare I mention the New World Order? Of course not.

Why are we providing countries with corrupt leaders and governments with more money?

Do have a wee look at Gotty's blog. He has excellent info on the current situation and I won't steal his thunder.


Anonymous said...

You're not wrong there Rosie, a complete an utter pantomime.

Laughable nonsense and totally made up!

thanks for the linky luv ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no its not! He's behind you, got the photos to prove it. Gorgeous Gordon's even got his hat on. He loves his hats n helmets does our Gordie Gord the Gonk.

Move aside O-Ba-Mah, Noggin the Nog's in control of Casablanca or where ever we are now.

subrosa said...

My pleasure Gotty.

subrosa said...

My worst nightmare would be 'he's behind me' Lorenzo.

Hammer said...

I agree with the overall sentiment. Compare the process for European treaties - armies of civil servants and diplomats put a framework together, often taking years, then their seniors strengthen that, then the Council of Ministers makes some (generally major) changes (ie opt-outs etc) and finally the European leaders come together to sign it and have a nice booze-up. That's just 27 countries and it takes years.

There are 193 recognised states in the world today. The idea that they can hammer out a deal, last minute or not, in a fortnight is ridiculously optimistic.

On a tangent, you mention recycling as if you know a lot of folks who are sceptical of the good it does? Is that very common? I know that there are still cost issues over plastic recycling, but as a finite resource it's better to make the effort now.
Admittedly, most of my friends are in their 20s and spent a few years between leaving home and getting a grip where they just threw glass and plastic in the bin, but now with curb-side collections and collection banks all over the place, it's hassel not to recycle (unless you live in the country).
Slight further tangent: my Grandfather, who is approaching his 80th year has been recycling and reusing for as long as I remember. Despite being an environmentalist, I'm far more inspired to recycle by him, his compost heap and his eternal reuse of wine bottles for home winemaking them I am by the Guardian promoting compost. Just a shame I live in a flat and have room for neither a compost heap or my wine making gear.

subrosa said...

Hi Hammer, recycling can be so irritating for the less mobile who live in say a flat. Most homes are small and having to turn a kitchen into a mini-recycling unit is just ridiculous. Running in and out to the different bins is just as ridiculous.

That said, most elderly I know do recycle in their own way and always have. I suppose I do too.

Supermarkets have a lot to answer for though with all their packaging.

Hammer said...

I see your point there, Subrosa. In my old flat in Glasgow, I wouldn't have had room for the big curb-side boxes. It was only last year that they put recycling wheelie bins in the back yard, which was a much better plan (barring the fact that the council there are useless and didn't collected them often enough).

I agree on supermarkets and packaging. I've seen people on BBC documentaries and in newspapers try to leave excess packaging with the supermarket, but that doesn't solve the problem. They'll just throw it into the landfill.
I don't need a bit of cardboard and three bits of plastic to keep a cake fresh. Or a string package for my onions. Or bags for all my veg...and I still get strange looks from the checkout staff because I buy all my veg loose. Probably serves me right for not using my local greengrocer more often ;)

subrosa said...

I don't bag my supermarket veg either Hammer but at the checkout they do if I'm not quick enough to protest.

Unfortunately greengrocers are scarce these days. I can't even think of one in Perth.

Hammer said...

I've been very lucky with the areas I've lived in the last few years, so I've always been within a mile of a good greengrocer. Although they seem confined to posh areas these days, with supermarkets moving in everywhere else. It was well worth a wee walk to get better quality and cheaper veg rather then buy at my local Tesco.

subrosa said...

In summer there are a few smallholdings who still sell veg around here so I use them. It seems it's just the bigger cities who have greengrocers these days.

Auch I wouldn't want to live in a city now, much prefer the rural life and making hamfisted attempts at growing my own.

Hammer said...

I used to live in Deeside, in Aberdeenshire. As far as I can tell, in the 8 villages and towns between Braemar and Aberdeen, only one still has a greengrocer, although four still have butchers. It's a nightmare finding a good butcher in a city these days.

I don't envy you the rural life just now, having spent my formative years using quite a lot of my wages getting to town so I could go to the cinema etc, but I suspect I'll return in time.

We have gone off on a rather long tangent now.

subrosa said...

We have indeed Hammer. The rural life isn't for the young I admit but one day you may decide a bit more calm would do you good and move out of the city. Luckily in most of Scotland travel isn't nearly such a problem as it is in parts of England.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Mark's getting it again in the Herald Rosa, he tells the full story on his blog.

banned said...

The Daily Telegraphs own pet warmist, Geoffrey Lean, is today blogging that Copenhagen=Nopenhagen while little Ed Miliband worries about it turning into a farce. My, how we will laugh.

I sometimes take cardboard packaging back to the Tesco Metro from whence it came and put it in their litter bin.
Someone mentioned to me the other day that when she was moving her few small posessions from one flat to another, a convenience store refused to let her have a couple of empty cardboard boxes "because we got to recycle 'em" FFS !

subrosa said...

Oh dear Conan, that's a shame. Thought it had all died down too.

subrosa said...

Auch banned, I think this is all just drama to wind up the warmists. Got to keep the masses onside.

That doesn't surprise me in the least. Can't remember the supermarket but I do remember one which said something like 'can't give you a box because they're all broken up ready to be recycled'.

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