Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another Whitewash?

Gone and now to be forgotten?

I am amazed at the idea that Magrahi's conviction is now hinted as being unsafe. Presumably so he can continue his miraculous recovery and spend some of his dosh. However, when he does pop his clogs his nearest and dearest will be a lot better off than the victims of this travesty. Also strange this story breaks at the same time his millions are discovered in a Swiss bank account. Weird.

"Some details of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission's review into the case of the Lockerbie bomber may be made public next year."


The Last Of The Few said...


Did you read yesterdays Scotsman........saying Megrahi is circling the drain so to speak.
giving him days..........my fence is comfy

subrosa said...

LotF, no I didn't read that. I'll have a search for it. Thanks for letting me know.

Vronsky said...

'now' being hinted as unsafe? I take it you have just set down from planet Zog, and are new to this affair? The conviction was never safe, a mere political convenience - and they've scarcely bothered to conceal the frame-up.

Fuel up your saucer, there's a good chap - tramp on the gas, and you could be back on Zog for Christmas.

subrosa said...

Oh Vronsky, it's not like you to be acerbic. :) OR will be hurt you know.

The Last Of The Few said...

Vronsky.........should you have had a small minute of your somewhat blinkered mind and actually read a certain blog you may not have posted that pish you just did.....http://thelastofthefew-view.blogspot.com/search/label/lockerbie......apology when your ready

Oldrightie said...

Vronksy,how impolite to be so rude to a guest. Still, if the guest is unwelcome who cares about manners, eh? So Magrahi's hidden stash does not question your hypothesis? I bet you believe lock stock and barrel all a socialist regime say.

The Last Of The Few said...

For the record I would not wipe my arse on the Scotsman or its context.
Mearly pointed to SR that they were the only MSM to carry the story.

Mind you a risk of being berated in SR's blog I will go..........but I do also remember you OR publically ridiculed my Mrs on this very blog in the comments section.......notice your colours have not changed or you have not learned manners.....or read the link

Oldrightie said...

If you might contact me and explain of that which you allude, I feel sure an apology would be immediate, if such were necessary.

The Last Of The Few said...

Post about education.
Crap teachers all you said...I replied
My dear lady is special eds and now a head of specal eds......you went off on her and me when I posted a comment
Ringing any bells??????????

However Sr's blog is not the place for this....she has had enough blog grief of late

Vronsky said...

Oh dear, a post seems to have gone missing. I replied to lothf saying that I'd followed his link and didn't understand his concern - if the link is the right one, we seem to be in agreement.

subrosa has already smacked me for being rude to a guest, but I'll just give myself a shake and carry on anyway.

Megrahi has lots of money? Not nearly as much as the millions the CIA showered on the wee Maltese guy who was the main witness against him - might he then be guilty of something too? These are murky waters.

You'd bet I believe all a socialist regime says? Find me a socialist regime, quote me anything they've said, and I'll cheerfully take some money from you. But I do hope you're not some unlettered oik who thinks New Labour is socialist, and expects me to do anything beyond suggesting the optimum gauge of piano wire for hanging the buggers.

The Last Of The Few said...


Have a wee look at my blog then you will easily realise I already have the piano wire gauge correct, measured to the right length and the proper amount of hemlock drizzled along its length.

Incase i did not get them cleanly on the first pass.

The Last Of The Few said...

I meant OR in my post before Vronsky not SR......

Bugger said...


Only one smack?

infangthief said...

Greetings to all here!
I didn't think anyone apart from our incurious media seriously thinks the unfortunate Megrahi has anything to do with the terrible events of Lockerbie!

subrosa said...

Vronsky debate is always far more interesting without personal attacks, don't you think so?

subrosa said...

Oldrightie, you're more than welcome as a guest of mine. I know you can cope well with the comments of those who disagree with your thoughts. We are obviously not all of the same mind and these who differ, I expect to differ with respect.

subrosa said...

Oh dear Vronsky, I would have thought you knew by now Oldrightie is a stong tory and a unionist but he. for his sins, agrees to share this opinions with us here on my blog.

You couldn't wish for a less socialist individual. Just that the two of you have different solutions to the presnet political problem.

If it's any help I'd ask everyone not to vote for the 'three', but the system we have would ensure either labour or the tories got in.

Time we had a democratic vote in this country.

subrosa said...

Auch gentleman, shake hands and agree to differ. Life's to short to have personal grievances.

Keep debate going though, I still think Gordon Brown and his Brownies are the worst government we've had in 60 years.

Oldrightie said...

LotF, firstly I am understanding that we have, in all our Public Services, some very great people. That I may have raged at someone as excellent as a special needs professional is still an unwelcome thought. Can you kindly paste the link for me to address that directly. On the subject of this post, MSM are not my favourite people but the American stance on Magrahi is very solid. Furthermore, ther relationship with this Government's recent enemies is disgraceful Regardless of this case, Labour have shamed the memory of Robin Cook as well as this now rump of a UK.
Whatever the nature of the comments, I am sure that dear Subrosa welcomes the opportunities blogging offers us all. Ladies and gentlemen, a very happy Christmas and a very short new Labour new Year!

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