Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Afghanistan and Another Loss to our Country

Yesterday Gordon Brown announced he had ordered 500 further troops to be sent to Afghanistan.

The same day the 99th soldier was killed in Helmand. He was from the lst Battalion, Coldstream Guards and died after a blast in the Babaji area. His death takes the toll to 236.
I can do nothing more than offer my sincere condolences to his family.

Including special forces this will mean the UK has in excess of 10,000 troops in Afghanistan. Gordon Brown said he would not send them unless three conditions were met. These were: they would be properly equipped, that coalition partners would also put in extra troops and that the Afghan Government would boost its own security effort. According to Gordon Brown the conditions have all been met.

Why then does he refuse to name the countries which are also providing extra troops? I listened to Bob Ainsworth huffing and puffing on Channel 4 News saying it was nothing to do with Britain. If it was nothing to do with Britain why did Gordon Brown make the conditions in the first place?

Are we being deceived? Of course we are. This is nothing to do with the coalition partners, it's to do with what President Obama wishes. We don't have a Prime Minister who is capable of standing up to the domination of the US and putting Britain first. He continues to lose respect from the people because of this and other weaknesses and until the troops are brought home from this unjustified war, the respect will continue to trickle away.

He has no one to blame but himself.

PS Have you noticed the word war is no longer used in the context of Afghanistan? The latest title is 'a humanitarian operation directed against terrorists and rogue states'. Call it what they will to me it's a war when an enemy is involved and hundreds of our troops are coming home in coffins.


Oldrightie said...

We don't have a Prime Minister who is capable of standing up to the domination of the US and putting Britain first.

The rumour that The Yanks hold blackmail info on Labour's hierarchy, looks ever more plausible.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Politics is the black art that legalises serial killers.

This absurd game will fuel retaliation not quench it. But then the sociopaths already know that. So what is their true purpose?

What can be worth the deaths and the billions spent in the process?

Is it profit or prophet?

subrosa said...

There's certainly something somewhere OR. Surely no caring person could behave in this manner.

subrosa said...

I just don't know anymore Crinkly, I become more and more confused by the day. Profit I should think - money for their arms supplier pals.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie America has had Britain by the short and curlies since WW2. It is never far from their thinking that America owns Britain because of the belated assistance they gave to us in defeating the Nazis. It is never far from Britains thinking also. Churchill said we must never ever get out of step with America, and he has been proved correct. The great satans that Curchill saw are still there, they may look different but they are still there. God knows how he would have reacted to this latest EU shenanigans.

Obama is a new ball game and the neocons are for now subdued, he wants closure on the Middle East and if he cannot do it then no one can. I'm weary and angry because of this daily attrition rate we are now seeing. My own laddie heads back soon, and he now has a young family, it is just stress on stress.

Somehow we need rid of these lying career politicians who are quite prepared to kill people to further their own agendas. Is there a decent honest politician out there who can lead us, I now doubt that. Nothing that Brown, Ainsworth and the rest of their kind has to say registers with me any more, as it is lie upon lie upon lie.

Anonymous said...

Just how much more incompetence is this government prepared to generate before they call a general election?

Any more and they will either be laughed out or spat out.

Dramfineday said...

Another prediction from mystic Dram, very soon the dead will be ferried in via other ports and points. Wootton Bassett is doing another kind of job now, drawing attention and providing focus on what's going on. That'll need to stop or be detuned less the Govt is seen in a bad light (ironic laugh).

subrosa said...

KBW, my thoughts are similar. I'm not weary, I just grow more cynical and angry then channel it into letting others know how I feel.

It's amazing - once people look at how the politicians are behaving they become as convinced as me that's it's all wrong.

One person I spoke to the other month even took the trouble to phone me to say he'd completely altered his attitude to it all and no longer had his head in the sand. Are people slowly waking up? Let's hope so.

subrosa said...

Auch VotR, the MSM are now applauding Brown for his increase in the polls. All the sheeple will be most impressed and run to the polling booths to vote for their saviour.

We have few politicians of any worthiness or conscience. That's the problem.

subrosa said...

Ah Mystic Dram I doubt if Brown can do anything about Wootton Bassett now. Their kindnesses are known all over the world and he wouldn't want to be seen as a killjoy would he? Then again ...

Clarinda said...

Apparently Mr Brown is in big trouble from the military for breaking an agreement not to jeopardise even more lives and military actions when he stated today that the number of 10,000 UK troops in Afghanistan includes at least some 500 'special operations' personnel. More lethal incompetence from this excuse for leadership.

subrosa said...

Mmm Clarinda, doesn't surprise me. I haven't seen the news as yet.

There will be over 10,000 troops including the Special Forces. Possibly nearer 10,500 I understand.

Anonymous said...

OR: I don't think we have had a Prime Minister since Mr Churchill, who would stand up to them. Mrs Thatcher, who would have stood up to Old Nick himself, went weak at the knees with Ronnie.

To be fair Harold Wilson refused to get involved in Vietnam.

I heard some very senior army bloke on the radio yesterday claiming that we were now properly equipped, by the way.

I wonder if he will change his tune about that once his pension and seat in the Lords is guaranteed.

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