Friday, 27 November 2009

This May Be of Use to Weekend Decorators

Two sites which are following the Iraq Inquiry are here and here. I'm sure there are other good blogs/sites so if you know of one please put the link in the comments for others. My thanks.

Graphic courtesy of TheLastoftheFew


Vronsky said...

The truly spooky thing about all of this is that most of us knew that the case for the attack on Iraq was phony, we knew so at the time, and we took to the streets in protest. Quite patently it was all to do with oil and nothing to do with WMD. There is something oddly surreal about these 'enquiries' as they purport to struggle for a truth which all already know. Lord Chilcot, specialist subject: missing the bleedin' obvious.

Each enquiry - Butler, Hutton, Chilcot - is like some exotic oriental ballet, redolent of arcane symbolism, impossible to identify anything of substance. I'm afraid there will be no justice found through the dark machinations of British 'democratic' institutions - Blair will continue to laugh all the way to his bank in Tuscany unless we hang the evil little bastard from a lampost ourselves. My only rational hope is that, post independence, he is extradited from Scotland to face judge Baltasar Garzón.

Craig Murray has done a few pencil portraits of the 'independent' members of the enquiry (Iraq Inquiry: The First Big Lie).

subrosa said...

Love the Chilcott specialist subject Vronksky.

Oh Blair won't be phased in the least. All the documents which would incriminate him are long through the shredder.

Yes Craig has some interesting information. Do hope others read him especially when you've made a link.

Killer said...

Stories of a grump is now posting at

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