Saturday, 28 November 2009

Subrosa's Super Seven blogs

Barking Moonbat - The Luckiest Soldier Alive

Delphuis' Debate - Department for International Development

EU Referendum - A Stunning Victory?

Gerry Hassan - Some Thoughts on James Naughtie's Sunshine on Scotland

Ian Hamilton QC - Why the SNP is failing Scotland

John Redwood - What should Eurosceptics do now? - Has Johnson made the wrong decision over Gary?

Pie Suppers to:

Tom Clougherty - More Powers for Scotland

Scots and Independent - What's the Welsh for 'Schadenfreude'?

underdogs bite upwards - 2 in 1,000,000 is a very small amount


13th Spitfire said...

Good blogs they are all, particularly like EU Referendum.

subrosa said...

Thanks Spitfire. I know you read most of them already. :)

Anonymous said...

Ian Hamilton is always worth a read.... but, he has more spirit that most of us.

subrosa said...

Yes he has spirit tris, but the problem is so many won't question the SNP because they're afraid to be called disloyal.

Mr Hamilton gets away with it because he is a man who is distinctly for independence. At the moment too few are prepared to question why is there a hiatus in the SNP's message.

I agree with gradualism but not when it appears dormant.

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