Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remember This?

Remember this post? It was the story of young Ryan McLaughlin's one man 'Halt MS' campaign.

Today on the comment section of the post this was written:

mcl1929 said...

Hi Every1

My name is Kirsten, Im Ryan's Mum. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments, and yes im am so proud of Ryan mostley because he aint doing it for me, he is doing it for future generations of Scots.

You can find out alll about ryans campaign at

Best regards to u all

Kirsten x

Many thanks for taking the time to write Kirsten. I'm sure my readers will be delighted to know their comments are read and appreciated, far and wide.


Witterings From Witney said...

That post and the response from Ryan's mum is one of the reasons you are on my blogroll SR.

Nice to see the internet/bloggers doing good!

Anonymous said...

I certainly am delighted Subrosa.

Good luck to you, Ryan. You're the kind of guy that cheers up a cold day.

And good luck to you too Kirsten. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


subrosa said...

Auch WfW, you sure know how to make a woman feel good, so you do.

Much appreciated. :)

subrosa said...

Aye Tris, was grand to know that Kirsten appreciated the wee post.

Makes this worthwhile - all this blogging business.

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