Saturday, 7 November 2009

Prioritising Obama Style

I don't know the circumstances of President Obama's situation here but it would appear he's addressing some conference just after he's heard the news of the shooting in Texas.

As Counting Cats in Zanzibar says "Nice set of priorities there." I wonder if anyone in the audience had a loved one stationed at Fort Hood.


Jeanne Tomlin said...

I suggest not getting your US coverage from Fox News which makes your own The Scotsman look like a model of impartiality.

However, I want to bring up something in The Herald that all Scots, particularly any with a connection to Glasgow should know about.

Glasgow to London East Coast trains to be axed

This from the Labour party who has said time and time again that postponing GARL was the SNP "ripping off" Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

One of these days, Obama is going to get the pistols out and shout 'God is great' into the camera's.

Quiet_Man said...

You have to remember, it wasn't Obama it was the autoprompter at fault.

Rule 1) Obama is not to blame.
Rule 2) If it looks like Obama's to blame, refer to rule 1)

subrosa said...

I did think that Jeanne but when I previewed the video I noticed Obama take a piece of paper from his pocket before he spoke. It was this paper he read from when he mentioned the shootings and that's when I decided to he did have his priorities wrong. Yes I agree Fox News isn't any better than the Scotsman.

Another reader emailed me about that this afternoon Jeanne. When I've half an hour I shall do a post about it as it's shameful. Our rail service is poor enough from England.

I wondered if this link was of any interest to you, it's to do with writing and a forum. You possibly know about it:

As soon as I saw it I thought of you!

subrosa said...

Doubt if he's practised that in front of the mirror enough yet VotR.

subrosa said...

Damn! Of course QM, I'm really needing to attend more brainwashing classes.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Thanks for the link, Subrosa. :)

I don't altogether disagree with his priorities being wrong. While I voted for him over the horrid McCain, I am not happy with quite a number of his policies.

However, I do NOT want to see someone attacked because of their religion and attacking him for a religion that isn't the one he professes is ridiculous, VotR.

It is the kind of low attack that does come from the scurrilous Fox News.

subrosa said...

I hear quite a few in the US feel he's not coming 'up with the goods' Jeanne.

Jeanne, I translated VotR's comment differently. The reason is Obama seems to change his spiritual view depending on his audience. I may well be wrong but that's the view I get from here.

At least Gordon Brown doesn't do that here. He's a Scottish presbyterian (as he's reminded us so often) but he has to show respect for other religions and beliefs. While he does that he doesn't profess to be anything other than he is. Obama comes over differently.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to President Obama, the expectation, following 8 long years of the moron Bush, was so incredible that no-one could ever have begun to fulfil it.

He's bound to let people down; they thought he was the second coming. At least that's my impression and that of my friend in Missouri.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Subrosa, you are perhaps unaware of the attacks by those on Fox News and elsewhere that he is "secretly" Islamic. This was thrown at him and believed in spite of clear evidence to the contrary throughout the horrid, dirty presidential campaign. This might not be what was intended but it was how it came across to me knowing of these attacks. I know of no time when he has denied or changed his religious faith.

I don't quite agree with you, Tris. I don't think many of us thought he was the second coming but we did expect him to hold criminals who had tramped on our constitution to account and get us out of Afghanistan.

It will take me a long time to forgive him for his failures in both areas.

subrosa said...

Jeanne, no I'm not unaware of those attacks nor of the 'requests' for a sighting of his birth certificate. Politics is indeed a dirty business and you need a thick skin to succeed.

Indeed Jeanne, I too was most surprised when Obama continued to follow the Bush policy on Afghanistan. He's stalling now, leaving all these troops hanging in the air (as well as those from the UK) and with no knowledge of what their next move is to be.

I won't forgive that either.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

The funny thing about the whole "birth certificate" thing is that it made NO difference where he was born. He was born a US citizen because his mother was a US citizen. There is nothing in the constitution requiring that the "natural-born citizen" have been born within the confines of the US borders. It's a total misunderstanding of the constitution.

And let me say this which I say frequently.

In the US we take constitutional matters VERY seriously. Any politician who told Americans that their constitutional status was a MINOR MATTER would SOON be out of office.

I don't understand why Scots put up with being told such a thing--but then I don't understand not having a written constitution either. So there ya go. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

I can't imagine Gordon Brown for all his faults making a presentation like that before he gave the bad news, that was incredible.

subrosa said...

It is rather strange DL. I had to play it twice in case I'd missed something.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

I agree that it was strange. Very strange and inappropriate. What WAS he thinking?

banned said...

Obama was addressing a conference of 480+ Native American Nations, for the first time by a President.

02:00 "First Americans"
02:20 "Native Americans"

I would suggest that these were intended to be Obamas closing remarks to that conference but instead had to turn to the events at Fort Hood.

subrosa said...

I thought it was some conference banned. Pity he managed to get his priorities reversed though.

subrosa said...

I don't think he WAS thinking Jeanne. He was following his programme.

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