Monday, 9 November 2009

Police in Ghost Chase

North Wales police has defended spending £20,000 investigating a man's death after his ghost was said to have told psychics that gangsters had forced him to drink petrol and bleach.

Carlos Assaf, 32, a baker was found dead at his flat in Lampeter, after a row with his girlfriend, on 30 March.

An inquest this week recorded a verdict of suicide after hearing there was no evidence of foul play. However the coroner queried the murder inquiry held after mediums tipped off police, suggesting that the words "lion, a horse and a man called Tony Fox" were significant.

"There was a great deal of communication between the mediums and the police," he said. "A great deal of effort was expended in following these leads up."

Detectives had the harrowing and sometimes down right life threatening job of visiting a dozen pubs called the Red Lion and Black Horse from Burry Port to Tregaron. They even visited the Feathers hotel in Aberaeron because there is a statue of a horse outside.

The investigation involved not one but two postmortems because the west Wales police obviously had no faith in the initial findings.

If you really need to know more details you will find them here.

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Billy said...

Maybe it was the spirits in the pubs that were talking to them?

brownlie said...

After a few spirits in the pub would they be happy mediums?

subrosa said...

Now that's a rum comment if I've heard read one Billy. :)

subrosa said...

Good one Brownlie! :)

Dramfineday said...

Why are you Brandying about a story like this SR? I'm surprised you're Advocatting it. My Gin nearly hit the floor when I read it. Personally I think it's a load of Bols and I'm absinthing myself from further discussion - hic!

subrosa said...

You'll be singing Tia Maria before you know it Dram and 'I'm no awa tae Glayva' as an encore.

Remember to drink plenty water before going to bed. ;)

Vronsky said...

Why are is the information from mediums always so cryptic? Why can't they say; "It was murder, the perpetrator is Charlie Bloggs aged 49 of 1a McTavish Lane, and if you go around there now you'll get him as he's at home watching 'X-Factor". Then I'd start to believe in the paranormal.

As it is, the information is useless. Doubly so to the police - how the hell do you beat a confession out of a ghost?

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Anyone read Nostradamus?

It will tell you anything you want.

I live near where he lived for fair few years. It is now a restaurant.

Wonder if he saw that?

w v = obillyme must be these new voters in NE Glasgow, the LOL

brownlie said...


If there are such things as ghosts, quite a few must be haunting Blair and his backers in their quiet hours.

WV: is ungody - spooky or what?

subrosa said...

With a ghost rider's whip Vronsky?

subrosa said...

The obvious question Billy - have you ever eaten in the restaurant?


subrosa said...

Jings brownlie, you sure you're not having withdrawals of some kind?

brownlie said...

No, I've had the snip!

subrosa said...

I knew there was something wrong with yer memory Brownlie!

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