Saturday, 7 November 2009

Newsnicht - David Doherty

David Doherty is the Green candidate for the Glasgow NE by-election. He was interviewed on Thursday night by Gordon Brewer.

The interview was rather a rushed affair, but for a young man of 24, I think Mr Doherty did rather well. It was obvious he had done his revision and was nervous, but he didn't allow Gordon Brewer interruptions to put him off message.

The one criticism I would give is that he said he was campaigning on housing and public transport. Aren't they both devolved issues? The Green Party's policy on Warm Homes is a UK policy though so I can't take marks from him really can I?

I'm all for the Greens Warm Homes policy even although I've just spend quite a bit insulating a room (internal insulation as no other solution possible), but the cost to government would be prohibitive. Public transport in a country like Scotland is a difficult issue. Fine for the cities but outside the central belt we rely upon our own personal transport and that's not going to change for generations. Providing a good public transport service in rural areas isn't a sensible use of money.

Such a shame Mr Doherty's chance in the 'hot seat' was so brief, but I was impressed by his demeanor and the fact he didn't talk propaganda every minute, so I give him 8 out of 10.


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