Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jenny Hjul and a Fun Poll



Many Scottish readers will recognise the woman in the above picture but for those of you who don't, it is Jenny Hjul, a journalist who writes in the Scotland section of the Sunday Times.

Ms Hjul (who is married to that staunch unionist, Dundonian journalist Alan Cochrane) really has hatred and vitriol for the SNP and her emotions drip from her words every Sunday.

One of my readers has suggested I do a fun poll to see who Ms Hjul will pillory this coming Sunday, so here it is. I must confess I stopped reading Ms Hjul's articles when I realised she had such an extreme phobia about Scotland and independence. Sadly not even the best makeup artist can rid her of that permanent sneer look.


wisnaeme said...

It might Nicola this week.

They're not building a new multi £million hospital in Glasgow under Westmidden lobbyists, erm consultants', beezness pals incorporated (CBI) preferred option of 'loads of money for us, ta very much, PFI/PPP.

It's being built by good old fashioned pubic procurement funding, I believe.

Don't like that sort of thing, Westmidden don't.

forfar-loon said...

subrosa, thanks for reminding me of that old maxim: seek first to understand. I'd long wondered why the pungent Hjul is quite so bilious in her outpourings. Now it makes sense. I would be too if I were married to Alan Cochrane.

subrosa said...

Hey wisnaeme, I'm just typing a wee post about exactly that! Just let me make another coffee, check it over then I'll put it into the ether.

Aye I thought Nicola too.

subrosa said...

I think they're made for each other forfar loon. A marriage made in pressland.

It's quite unbelievable one woman could hold so much negative emotion for a political party. The breakfast table in their house must be a miserable occasion.

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

She's married to dear Alan Cochrane? Now that is a turn up for the books. I could never work out who she was. Perhaps the Perthshire air has soured her.

I have more sympathy for the man of the household - not least because he once stood me a pint. Actually, despite his "black-hearted Unionist" credentials and his abiding Thatcherism, Cochrane's tone rarely strays into quite so demented territory as his dear lady. Consider, as a case in point, Cochrane's (surprising, Telegraph-heretical) analysis of the release of Mr Megrahi.

subrosa said...

LPW, I have a soft spot for Alan Cochrane I admit. He's a Dundonian of course, but he's never hidden his roots and it takes some courage to say you come from Dundee - believe me. :)

True, Alan's recent comments have been more sensible of late. Maybe he's finally listening to people on the street when he's strolling along the Nethergate on a Saturday night.

subrosa said...

Monty I was really hissed off when, to do this poll, I went to the Times site and low and behold the picture had been updated!

Kind of spoilt the post really in a way.

So now we know why she gets to write such blethers for the Times. Sex is everything isn't it? ;)

Perhaps the two events are right enough lol and no, you'll never see me in a burca even as fancy dress.

Montague Burton said...

Madame, avert your eyes. For here is Ms Hjul in her twisted grimace best.

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

Brought to you specially from the private collection of Montague Burton, esquire.

Still, I suppose everybody needs a hobby.

subrosa said...

Oh thank you Monty. I shall add it to the post somehow.

subrosa said...

Now now Lallands, I'm not going to ask for details of Monty's hobbies. Mind you they could be rather entertaining don't you think?

Montague Burton said...

Pshaw, piff and tizzle Sirrah. Ms Hjul is but one of many fine fillies found deep within my portfolio of cyber daguerreotypes. Other sonsie coupons include the sideway banana eating Wendy Alexander, Weight Watcher of the day Jackie the Hutt and urban sophisticate Cathy Doll Jamieson.

subrosa said...

That's you told then Lallands. :)

Dramfineday said...

Has she got a marble stuck in her jaw, an impacted wisdom tooth or is it an abcess? In which case toothache may be the answer to the bile.

Still come the glorious revolution, we can introduce licensing for foreign owned papers. Nothing like the prospect of the dole to impact on principles

Anyway the lassy cannae help it if she has a face like an erse.

(Apologies SR for some reason I'm in a gittish mood tonight and not my usual forgiving self)

sm753 said...

Jenny Hjul is not only a top-line columnist but is, in person, extremely elegant and attractive, very nice and also very blessed with the appearance of youth.

Our kids are at the same school.

I'm glad to see this ludicrous display of cattishness because it's confirmed what my next blog-post will be.

subrosa said...

Oh dear sm753, obviously another tory with a humour bypass.

subrosa said...

Oh dearie me Dram, you'll be joining my in sm753's post about our 'cattishness'.

Dramfineday said...

Oh no doubt she's jolly and gay when meeting the mums - "blessed with the appearance of youth" - as SM753 says.

But the bile flows from somewhere and under that jolly exterior there's a hole in her soul, black and bitter.

Anonymous said...

Could sm753 be married to Ms Hjul? only a thought.Subrosa you missed one another choice ...."All of the above"... because she is quite capable of weaving a negative tale involving everyone and including "other".Can't wait till Sunday.

subrosa said...

I too was "blessed with the appearance of youth" when I was her age as I'm sure most other women, who look after themselves, are.

Quite a few of my friends are unionists and none has the depth of detestation of the SNP as Ms Hjul.

Maybe she met Alex Salmond in another life.

subrosa said...

I believe she's married to Alan Cochrane normacd. Maybe it's all these visits to Dundee with her husband that have developed this hatred of the SNP.

Apologies for missing one question.

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