Sunday, 22 November 2009

History Is Made


After 27 years, Scotland's rugby team beat the Australians by 9-8 in a dramatic, nail-biting match at Murrayfield yesterday. I have to admit it was a defence inspired performance from Scotland although the Wallabies dominated throughout.

That apart, I expect there was some dancing in the streets of Edinburgh last night.

Scotland's prize was the Hopetoun Cup.


Dramfineday said...

No dancing, but a man tripped over his dog (in the pouring rain) and said something Wardoggish

Clarinda said...

Could hardly believe the final missed Australian conversion! It can only sound biased - but the Scottish heart in defence was so secure and never let up, so for sheer steadfastness against such opposition Scotland won the win!
What was really good to see was the crowd back at Murrayfield - less empty seats which can only encourage the game.

subrosa said...

Tut tut Dram, too much excitement I think. :)

subrosa said...

Clarinda, I'd just walked out of the room thinking it was all over but returned to get my glasses and low and behold. In all the years I've followed rugby, these few seconds must certainly come near the top of the list for jubilation. Took me back to the days of Gavin.

CrazyDaisy said...


Loved every minute and got extremely drunk and insulted a few friends - including Mrs Crazy's brother in Oz! Apologies proffered!

Well it's taken 27 years to achieve the result, let's hope the 6 Nations are somewhat entertaining too!

Howlin gales here!


subrosa said...

I'm sure they understood CD. After all, 27 years!!!!

The Last Of The Few said...

Dancing in the street,

You should have seen if for youself.
What a noise.

Roll on the 6 Nations

subrosa said...

Aye LotF, I remember the days when I used to dance in the streets after a Murrayfield win - and sing in the pubs and hotel lounges. Those were the days.

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