Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gordon Brown at the Mansion House

Politicians of all hues are fairly expert liars but Gordon Brown must come top of my list.

I listened to part of his Mansion House speech and his latest mantra 'I will not be influenced by public opinion' sent a shiver down my spine. Good leaders do listen to what the people are saying - that's what makes them good leaders.

Still he blustered on about how we must rid Afghanistan of al-Qaida when, only a few weeks ago, one of the military tope brass admitted al-Qaida were not present in Afghanistan.

Then we had the 'fear factor. 'Britain will be isolated if we withdraw and we need a foreign policy that is both 'patriotic and internationalist'.

Britain can best defend its own national interests through international co-operation and "leading in the construction of a new global order".

And now, more than ever, there is no future in what was once called 'splendid isolation'.

"When Britain is bold, when Britain is engaged, when Britain is confident and outward-looking, we have shown time and again that Britain has a power and an energy that far exceeds the limits of our geography, our population, and our means.

"As a nation we have every reason to be optimistic about our prospects: confident in our alliances, faithful to our values and determined as progressive pioneers to shape the world to come.

He has now decided he will hold talks with other Nato countries next year. As Richard writes a meeting is a good idea but he's inviting the wrong people. Hasn't he heard that Nato countries are planning their own withdrawals because they now see what damage their presence in this war may do to their own countries? The Dutch Nato representative told Radio 4 exactly that when interviewed during the Nato Assembly meeting in Edinburgh at the weekend. Doesn't he realise there is little chance of Karzai leading an uncorrupt government?

Eric Joyce, the labour MP for Falkirk, posted a copy of an article he wrote for the Scottish Mail on Sunday (it takes a few seconds to download). Eric Joyce was once the aide to Bob Ainsworth and pulls no punches in his remarks.

Why is Gordon Brown ignoring public opinion? He has nothing to lose here now because he's already lost it. His concern is for his own future, his standing on the world stage as part of the New Global (World) Order. Britain PLC no longer matters. Why should it when he knows he only has 6 months left before he moves house.

Today (that should read tomorrow) we hear the Queen's Speech, another 20 minutes of Brown's bluff and bluster. I can't wait.


Oldrightie said...

End games are rarely very pretty as the innocents are trampled underfoot.

subrosa said...

Not that I have any respect for Blair, but did he make such a mess in his last 6 months OR?

CrazyDaisy said...


Dead man walking and ensuring his legacy is consigned to history as the worst unelected PM. He is without doubt the poorest excuse for a politician and a Scots Unionist at that. When they go next year they'll be gone perhaps forever, cretin!

Boiler and rads finally being fitted today, still had a 4 hr delay, no one seems to know what the feck is going on, 6 days leave wasted this month alone. 11 months and 7 days they've had to fix this - Hudson & Kinetic management - sub-contractors to MoDern Housing Solutions - are at best inept.

Dry and sun's oot may get ma washin aired!


subrosa said...

Yer no finally getting heating CD? I thought you brave sailors never felt the cold or if you did you just danced tae keep warm.

It's a disgrace that right enough. I suppose the days are gone when you could have nipped into your local property division and threatened to cut off their appendages if they didn't get a move on.

Good luck for today. I'll no say I hope it a' works by five o'clock. :)

It's not bad here but was very wet overnight. Ma washin's a' up tae date sae nane tae pit oot!

Anonymous said...

I believe Labour's objectives are more abstract than that, Subrosa.

Bertram Russell's "The Scientific Outlook" appears to be a blueprint for Labour's wet dream of a communist 'utopia'.

Watch the video - and read his book.

What's more, this 'utopia' is not confined to the UK. It is part of the UN's agenda. That is why Obama has been pushing so hard for socialised medicine and why the pharmaceuticals are on the ascendant.

subrosa said...

Many thanks for that Fausty. I'll watch the video and check out the book.

Doesn't surprise me in the least. Brown was part of the strong Scottish communist bunch who decided the labour party was their channel into main stream British politics. His constituency up here is still known as 'the commy's retreat' but those over 70.

I did a wee post about communism within the labour party the other week - think it was an article in the Mail which inspired me.

Stewart Cowan said...

A New World Order?

Looks like us 'tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy loons' were right all along.

Watch Copenhagen next month. I expect it will become even clearer. A global government - to help save us from climate change, terrorists, et al - but one that will really hit us hard through taxation and loss of what remains of our freedom.

Gordon Brown is a superb man for the NWO to have as a puppet leader of a major country, because he toes the line completely and evidently believes his own lies and doublethink.

He's like the mind-controlled assassin whose killing instinct is triggered by a word or sign and who has no knowledge of his action afterwards.

Britain never did dwell in "splendid isolation". We ruled a quarter of the globe and traded with the whole world.

Yes, he's a Grade A liar, but is probably so unstable that he doesn't realise it.

The question is:

Does he deserve the hangman's noose for treason or psychiatric care and our pity?

subrosa said...

Treason would be my choice Stewart, along with Blair of course.

Brown has done more for his communist masters than any other PM and destroyed a society which was sound, caring and reasonably law-abiding.

We've all become selfish to a degree because we have the natural instinct to protect ourselves.

Stewart Cowan said...

Treason would be my choice too. Blair deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered.

Demetrius said...

Eric Joyce, I guess, has seen a number of interesting briefing documents from one source or another, as well as having contacts. If No. 10 and others were being told all this clearly, and I suspect have been for some time, then what has been really going on?

subrosa said...

I was quite surprise at how candid Eric Joyce was, weren't you Demetrius?

subrosa said...

He always seems to still be hanging around in the background, have you noticed Stewart?

Clarinda said...

re - E Joyce
Do we trust someone either at our throats or our feet?
Even although his alleged genuine facts and personal views are of interest - why is he not (again) respecting the confidentialty of his privileged position? He was apparently booted out of the military for refusing to respect the accepted practice of respecting confidentiality.
When does 'whistle-blowing' become treachery? Why would we think his article is the truth?

brownlie said...


Do you know, the more Brown speaks such nonsense and pronounces unreasonable government actions the more convinced I'm getting that he really has serious mental illness problems.

Anyone with any sense would realise that instead of tackling the danger of terrorism in this country we are, on a daily basis, encouraging terrorism.

We've done it in Iraq and, instead of learning a lesson from that, we are doing the same in Afghanistan.

No sooner will the last soldier leave Afghanistan that it will revert to the way it's always been.

In the meantime, lives on either side of the conflict are being, needlessly and without achieving anything, lost on a daily basis.

subrosa said...

I admit I am suspicious as to Joyce's desire to write such an article Clarinda, because it is so much with public opinion perhaps, but why is labour allowing him to get away with it? He can't be hoping to be elected next year obviously.

I wouldn't say he's in a privileged position now, unless of course he had to sign the Official Secrets Act before he took his position in the MoD.

Yes I do appreciate he doesn't speak from a stance of probity concerning his time in the army.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, you've said exactly what I think. Yet there's another motive for Brown to spout his drivel. He wants his name to be writ large as a man who ensured Britain was international.

Such a pity because all he's doing is ensuring Britain is the monkey of the US.

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