Sunday, 22 November 2009

Can You Grade the Prime Minister?

Guy Aitchison, who writes for Our Kingdom, has emailed me to suggest I may wish to contribute to Power 2010 and their latest effort to acquire public opinion.

Power 2010 is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and supported by a wide range of individuals and organisations. Originally the Trustees were from a variety of walks of life but Joseph Rowntree also specified a number of Quakers must also be involved.

This afternoon I looked at their website (one which greatly impressed me with its slick performance) and found this statement on one of their documents:

A separate study on poverty and social exclusion in Scotland found that while poverty among children and pensioners has fallen over the last decade, the number of working-age adults in poverty remains the same.

Doesn't that show that we need politicians (both in Westminster and Holyrood) who will make the revision of our welfare system a priority? The benefit system is a big taboo for politicians but if it is not restructured what hope do we have of a cohesive society in an independent Scotland? Of course that statement also applies to the rest of the UK.

So I would ask you to put your questions to Power 2010. Don't forget - every little helps.


Anonymous said...

I would grade the Prime Minister but the language required would not be suitable for your very respectable blog, Subrosa.

Suffice to say the language used would turn a very drunk alcoholic sober in a second.

subrosa said...

I understand VotR. Isn't it such a shame a PM has so little respect? Even Margaret Thatcher had respect although she was disliked in many quarters.

banned said...

I graded him 'fail', natch, with the additional message " Go, now. "

subrosa said...

Will the next one be any better though banned? Just a different face methinks.

Yesterday I read John Redwood's latest post and the comments were interesting. In case you don't have time to read it I've put it on the Super Seven for Saturday.

banned said...

I try to catch up with John Redwood every week or so, his stuff is very good.

subrosa said...

His latest post is his thoughts on the EU banned. Maybe it's just me but I feel he's opening up more in recent months.

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