Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Brigitte Bardot - What You See is What You Get

Brigitte Bardot was the name of every teenager's lips when I was in my teens. Boys instantly fell in love with her and girls admired, with slight envy, her fascinating appeal. Most teenage girls must have attempted the famous Bardo pout before realising hers was natural.

The reason for this post is I had an email today from a friend who lives between England and France and when she's in France she helps out at the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. She is an ardent supporter of animal rights and sends me wonderfully descriptive emails of the work she undertakes.

In today's email she mentioned Brigitte Bardot turned 75 very recently and there had been celebrations throughout the Foundation. This led me to reminiscing about the days when it seemed Ms Bardot could attract 'love' even without clicking her fingers.

I won't expand on her life's history, which is certainly no rags to riches story, as it is so well recorded on the internet, but I congratulate her for reaching such a fine age without the help of any surgeon's knife or botox.

One quote I remember from many years ago was, 'I gave my beauty and my youth to men. I am going to give my wisdom and experience to animals.'

I'm sure she still continues to turn heads whenever she decides to leave her beloved St Tropez. Will any of today's 'celebs' be able to say "what you see is what you get" at the age of 75?


Anonymous said...

I've just had a look at some pics of her when she was young and she's a stunner. Certainly puts Jordan to shame (sorry Spook), but then French women have a "je ne sais quoi".

subrosa said...

She certainly knocked some 'film stars' off their perches in those days Tris. I'm told she's just as graceful now too.

Bill said...

I don't wish the lady any ill, but she has become decidedly strange in her views over the past 20 or so years - basically she is a far-right bigot and racist and has several convictions in French courts for various offences relating to inciting racial hatred - just look her up on Wikipedia (or a number of other news media - it's all well documented).

JRB said...

And to think she is still the voice for the latest bright and bubbly Miss Dior Cherie commercial.
Listen to her sing Moi Je Joue, used as the soundtrack, by using this link -

subrosa said...

Bill I understand her court appearances are all to do with her animal rights beliefs.

For example she's been called racist for asking for Moslems to stun their animals before they're killed. I wouldn't call that racist would you?

subrosa said...

Thanks for that John. Around that era one of my favourite songs was Mirielle Mattew singing "Tous les Garcon".

I'll listen to yours now. Lovely, thanks.

JRB said...

Sorry Subrosa, but it has to be the Fran├žoise Hardy version for me.

subrosa said...

Ah John, usually is the male choice if I remember. :)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It's BardoT, with a T!

Curiously enough, my pin-up from those days is Alexandra Bastedo (without the "T"), the absolute stunner from the glossy sixties TV shown "The Champions", who also runs an animal sanctuary.

Bill said...

I wouldn't call that racist would you?

If you are going to talk about Moslems and their ritual slaughter procedures (Halal), then you really do need also to condemn Jews and their ritual slaughter procedures (Kosher), which are rather similar. Why doesn't Bardot condemn Jews for their Kosher slaughter procedures? Probablly many reasons - but I suspect topmost is that she is simply prejudiced against Moslems and there are laws against 'Holocaust denial' in France, so bigots like Bardot probably tend to steer clear (in public) of that area when expressing their prejudices (similar to the BNP in the UK who are now very careful about what they say in public). Post-911 Moslems have become convenient targets for bigots to pick on.

But to answer your question, not only would I, I do. That is only a minor part of her racist (and frankly fascist) tendencies. She is not by any stretch of the imagination a 'nice person' - yes, she is still physically striking looking, having been a very beautiful young woman, but not 'nice' in her character; I tend to judge people by the company they keep (e.g. her husband).

Since you asked, Subrosa.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Jordan's got a face like a 5 year old prune now. I wouldn't like to see her in 45 years!

subrosa said...

Ooops so it is WW, I was reading a German paper earlier about her and they had it Bardo. Sorry will amend.

subrosa said...

It's since she was married to him she's become very right wing Bill I believe.

My point of the post was a comparison between today's 'celebs' and their artificial beauty and hers. She's one of the few of my youth who hasn't undergone expensive physical preservation.

I appreciate your responding though Bill although I don't have too much information on her political behaviour. The news I receive is on her animal rights work which she undertakes with gusto. It's something I personally can't become passionate about.

brownlie said...


I like Francoise Hardy singing "If we are only friends" for reasons that I'd rather not disclose.


I preferred Bessie Braddock myself but, irrespective of her politics, Brigitte Bardot was a stunner and still would be in my candle-lit hovel. I wonder if she fancies a toy-boy...

subrosa said...

Are you asking if she would be willing to leave St Tropez for the west coast of Scotland brownlie? I very much doubt it don't you? ;)

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Well Rosa, that photo of you is a bit risque!

Ah well, out of the dreams and back to the nightmare of politics & banks.

Hope you noticed today, according to omniscient Mr Murphy if your a nationalist your not a patriot?

This must mean that it's Labours' patriotic duty to go down with the sinking ship.

Ah well, nationalists to the lifeboats. Patriots sort out the deck chairs and join with us in singing the RED Flag.

Oh look everybody!

Look at the red flag on the stern, its going higher and higher. Didn't we tell you it would work!

subrosa said...

I wish Crinkly, I wish!

Yes it was a disgraceful slur on Scots to make that statement and of course the tories played along with Murphy.

Hopefully will find time to do something about it later.

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