Tuesday, 3 November 2009

BBC Democracy Live


Apologies for the lack of fancy graphics, but I had a look at the new BBC political interactive page yesterday and was quite impressed.

Be warned though, if you're watching a live broadcast, there is no facility to pause it should you need to leave the computer.

That's my only gripe and the picture is so much clearer than on the Westminster government site. Take a look. Oh, out of the eight channels, there is one for the Scottish Parliament, so we've not been forgotten.


Munguin said...

Is it true that you need a TV licence to watch live broadcasts on BBC websites?

subrosa said...

Munguin, I'm not at all sure. There was some talk about this a few months ago but I didn't pay much attention because I have a TV licence although I seldom watch it. Still I need it for radio also.

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