Thursday, 19 November 2009

Afghanistan Toll Rises to 235

It was announced early this morning that another soldier has been killed in Afghanistan. He was from the Royal Military Police and was killed during operations in the Babaji area in southern Helmand province, the MoD said.

This takes the death toll in this unjustified war to 235, 98 of whom have been killed this year alone.

Another family enter the hell of grieving and perhaps wondering if their loved one's death was worth the sacrifice.

Meanwhile our Foreign Secretary is in Kabul at the inauguration of President Karzai who told all the visiting foreign dignitaries what they wanted to hear. He is going to crack down on rampant corruption and to press for a reconciliation with the Teleban by holding a grand assembly. Hilary Clinton and David Miliband applauded Karzai's remarks. I will withhold my applause until I see results. Words are cheap. Our soldiers' lives are not.


Apogee said...

So corruption is to be much less in view, and he will see what level of "compensation" will keep the Teleban happy.
Business as usual, just from now on, follow the correct proceedures, no freelancing. Sheesh!


JRB said...

Subrosa, I fear this topic is very much related to your previous article re: Obama.

Until the UK government drops its sycophantic attitude towards the US of A, and its totally unfounded belief in an imaginary ‘special relationship’, we will continue to loose more and more brave young soldiers.

The time has surely come when Mr G Brown et al should be listening to the opinion of its populous and not the strategic requirements of the Pentagon.

subrosa said...

Apogee, the pictures on TV of Clinton and Miliband praising this corrupt president were sickening.

They're all as bad as each other.

subrosa said...

Hello John, yes it is but I thought the death of a soldier was worthy of a stand-alone post rather than be stuck on the end of a post which shows what little regard our PM has for the military.

With hindsight maybe I was wrong.

Montague Burton said...

It seems only a few weeks ago, that the 200 limit was reached. When will it reach 300, 400, 500?

Vigilante said...

No more dithering! I call it a "slam dunk"

It costs $1,000,000 to send one pair of U.S. boots per year "over there".

$26,000,000,000 could be saved by withdrawal. But if President - I mean 'General' - McChrystal's recommendation is followed, we will be "investing" $734,000,000,000 in Chaosistan. Is that more than the military budget of the Bush administration? That can't be!

Are we 'over there' in order to stimulate economic recovery over here?

Slam dunk, BHO.

subrosa said...

Not long Monty, the Taleban aren't giving up over winter as they usually do, they are increasing in numbers instead.

subrosa said...

Of course Vigilante, the reasons we're there include the amount of business each country creates for their arms industries.

Life's cheap for these men. They have no morals sending others to their deaths for no just reason.

subrosa said...

Super blog Vigilante. Do hope the others have a read.

brownlie said...


I am filled with anger, frustration and despair every time I read of a young serviceman being killed so God only knows what it must be like for the victim's families and the families of those still carrying out this fruitless and pointless task.

Vigilante said...

Thx, Subrosa. I'm blog-rolling you!

subrosa said...

Me too brownlie but I'm not going to give up mentioning each and every one of them no matter how angry I feel.

I notice now some of the MSM don't have it on the front page at all.

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