Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A Few Blogs Which May Help You Decide


I have compiled a short list of blogs which have posts relevant to tomorrow's European elections, just in case anyone still has to decide where to put their cross.

Dan Hannan at the Telegraph
Eurorealist at Blogactiv
Fitaloon at Microshaft Blog
James at Scot goes Pop
Late post :  Malc in the Burgh
Missed post (the writer reminded me) :  Lallands Peat Worrier 


Tory Poppins said...

Thanks Sb . . . good round-up!

subrosa said...

I looked to see if you had something TP but you're too busy ousting our useless PM :)

Jim said...

Thanks for the mention Subrosa, but it's probably a slightly partisan analysis on my behalf.

Vote SNP!


subrosa said...

That's what made it interesting Jim, the fact that it was partisan and your thoughts. I don't mind that in the least except from the media who should be unbiased but of course are not.

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

And don't forget vituperative anti-Tory abuse from yours truly!

Reason enough to deny Struan Stevenson a personal vote, for my money.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for mention. Im sure between us all we have at least given the SNP a good chance of holding onto the 2 seats and maybe even win a 3rd..

BTW Niko is back, seems to be in high spirits..

subrosa said...

So sorry lallands, I've added it now :)

subrosa said...

My latest post doesn't do a lot for the SNP Spook but I had to be fair and write it.

Where's Niko been? I didn't realise he could afford the Priory.

Jim said...

Ach! You mean I've been wasting my time trying to appear reasonable in all these posts ;-)

subrosa said...

Indeed I do not Jim. You write what you feel and it shows. I don't always agree with you of course, but I just have a wry wee smile and think positive. ;)

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