Friday 11 November 2016

Lest We Forget


Conan the Librarian™ said...

How are you doing Rosa? Keep well.

DaveK said...

Echo that, nice to see a post (you are my homepage).

Edward Spalton said...

Hello Rosie,

I was glad to see another post from you, which I probably would not have spotted if I had not been on a rather bad
tempered trawl in matters eurosceptic. I cheered up at once in spite of your post's solemn reminder of the debt we owe to
those who didn't come back.

Which reminds me - Do go to and click for weekly updates - for a variety of non-hysterical pro Brexit views.

There are some cracking articles on fisheries in particular, written for us by a chap who has made his whole living from
designing equipment for trawlers and then going to make sure it worked properly.

English Pensioner said...

Glad you are back, even if we don't always agree on Scottish Issues.

Sheila said...

Hope you are well. Thanks (again!) for letting me post here all those years ago.

Plenty of links to your blog on this thread which has had 34,225 views and counting (mainly thanks to NO2NP)... Having the background "up there" and accessible by the search engines has been invaluable.

As you know, I've had my hands full with family matters recently and everything else has just had to take a back seat.

Hope you don't mind me sending your readers over to Alison Preuss's newish site:

And also to Alice Moore who is doing an excellent job of covering education/Girfec surveillance and related issues.

Lovely to "see" you and all the best to you and yours :)


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