Thursday, 2 July 2015

Police Criticise Scottish Government Policy

Police Scotland have now contributed to the Scottish Government’s ‘named person’ policy.  Their reason is that the new police set-up may not have the capacity or resources to cope with policing the plan which involves all under-18s.

They may have a subtext about their own organisation but their points about this policy are viable. 

Police Scotland warned that such a “significant change for all authorities including Police Scotland” could make it harder to identify at risk children.

At what point should police become involved and what will their powers entail?

Here’s a typical family scenario:

Prior to leaving for school child has an argument with his mother about the contents of his/her lunchbox. Mother put banana instead of cake.

Child comments to friends in classroom that his mother is ‘horrible and making me eat things I don’t like’. Teacher overhears the comment and immediately jumps on wee Jimmy as he’s made a comment which could be regarded as child abuse.  Wee Jimmy, delighted to be given such individual attention, exaggerates or even lies about his mother’s statement (as children are very prone to do).

Teacher goes to head of school who decides to telephone social work. SW in turn decide the police should become involved and before the family know it, wee Jimmy and his brothers and sisters become wards of court.

This type of scenario takes place is many family homes on a daily basis and the ‘named person’ policy gives the state the power to divide and destroy families.

Please sign the petition and tell as many of your friends about this because it must be stopped, otherwise the consequences will be horrific for all families living in Scotland.



Joe Public said...

Isn't there already a 'named person' policy?

South o' the border we call it a Birth Certificate.

JimS said...

JP, that'll be the bit of paper where a child can have two mothers or two fathers or, no doubt, two who are neither.

To think that in less 'progressive' times we made a fuss over Dr. Mengele and the communist's Young Pioneers.

JRB said...

Oh @Joe - if only things were straightforward and as simple as a birth certificate.

Here, in this new Orwellian Scotland it has been decreed that parents (or grandparents) are no longer fit and proper persons to bring up children.

‘Big Brother’ – or rather, in order to be politically correct, I should perhaps say – ‘Big Sister’ has ordained that only approved state apparatchiks will be seen as fit and proper persons.

In this new dystopian society parents are to be re-classified as mere ‘Population Production Proles’ (PPP’s)

Big Brother - sorry! - Big Sister is Watching Us

Sheila said...

Thanks for returning to this issue. Interesting they say...

Here's an update from HEF:

Parents steal wheels from GIRFEC propaganda wagon:

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