Thursday 19 July 2012

The Long Nose Story

After yesterday's rain I thought a little humour would be appropriate today.

Sadly there aren't many recordings of Chic Murray's radio or television shows available online but I hope this one makes you smile.

"I admit to spending a fortune on women, booze and gambling. The rest I spend foolishly."

Chic Murray 1919 - 1985


JRB said...

Pure dead brilliant
Thanks for that Subrosa

Anonymous said...

A wonderful and funny man. His small part in Gregorys Girl was absolutely spot on.

subrosa said...

A pleasure JRB and hope it made your day just a little cheerier.

subrosa said...

I watched an interview with him TT and he was the one who stuck the piano playing bit into the film - courtesy of the director of course.

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