Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Sound of Rain

I've had no time to write a post for this morning, but I would like to share this video with you.  It's certainly one of the most interesting choral arrangements I have seen or heard.

Be sure to turn your sound on high enough. start watching with your eyes open then close them and just listen.

If you watch it twice note how they create the thunder.

Don't forget to close your eyes though and turn the volume up. It's amazing.


JimS said...

Might be a good way to collapse some stages!

subrosa said...

It might be indeed Jim!

Anonymous said...

OK, now find the version where they follow into Rain in Africa by Toto, with all the drums and instruments being done vocally....I found it once but I don't know where!

subrosa said...

Had a quick look around Rightwinggit and the only clip I can find that may be what you're looking for is on youtube but 'it's not available in your country'.

Sorry I couldn't do better.

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