Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BBC Biased? You Bet!

The much 'treasured' BBC Scotland - on the command of their London superiors no doubt - has decided to terminate the broadcasting of Newsweek Scotland after more than 30 years on air.

The unbiased presenter, Derek Bateman, announced this on his blog the other day and I hope he will receive much support against the decisions of his masters but I would think he is loyal enough to realise that if his programme is to be taken off the air, then what voice does BBC Scotland have, other than BBC Alba.

For those of you who cannot access Facebook (or have no wish to do so) Derek Bateman suggests the following is the best option for complaints:

Phone the BBC on 03700100222. Option 1 then 3 (I assume he means the keypad business) then complain.  Vital to your complaint is asking for a written reply.

The BBC has a blatant objection to providing a balanced debate concerning Scottish independence and regardless of political affiliations, people should abhor their strategy.

If that wasn't enough evidence then Lesley Riddoch's latest tweet says it all:

 Lesley Riddoch 

Update. Newsnight Referendum Special 10.35pm BBC1 25th Jan & R Scotland MW & online. N Sturgeon (not Lec) M.Moore, J. Lamont & me 

I presume she is chairing the event, she doesn't say and although she admits to being against independence for Scotland, as a chairperson she is always impartial.  However, for the BBC to broadcast a programme about the referendum without having some person - or more - from the 'undecided' to be on her list, shows the BBC's contempt for Scotland.

My phone call wasn't well received - in fact the telephonist was surly and that's being polite. But don't let that deter you, phone them and don't forget to ask for a written reply. If my experience is anything to go by you may have to repeat your address several times (something with which I seldom have problems) but I don't be put off. I know you wasn't!

Update:  Lesley says she's on the panel so it's a 4 to 1 debate.  How insulting to Scotland.


Observer said...

4 to 1? These are actually quite good odds for the SNP subrosa. I know you are genuinely angry about the BBC bias, but I have to say I think there is an advantage for the SNP in being cast as the underdogs.

I was a bit worried that the unionists would try & cast them as some kind of bombastic Goliath that had to be felled with a stone, but it seems they are casting the SNP as David (who is by far the more popular character, obviously).

As Iain MacWhirter said in last Sunday's Herald:

''Last week reminded me of the 1999 Scottish parliamentary election, when all the Scottish media seemed to gang up on the SNP at once. These arguments mostly date from then, even if the UK press has only discovered them. But ask yourself: who got the last laugh?''

So if the unionist politicians on the unionist BBC all gang up on the SNP who is going to get the last laugh?

It is worthwhile complaining of course, but I wouldn't be too worried about it.

English Pensioner said...

The BBC has a blatant objection to providing a balanced debate on almost everything, not just Scotland.

Balanced debate on the E.U. ?
Balanced debate on Global Warming?
Balanced debate on Government "cuts"?
You're joking!

Why should they change their policy of deciding what is right for us and allow a balanced debate on Scotland?

RMcGeddon said...

Like EP said there's no point watching or listening to anything from the BBC as they can only give half of the story due to their biased ideology.
I flicked across to Paxo on Newsnight 'interviewing' Alex salmond for a second and was pleased to see Paxo still doesn't get it. Haranging and sneering at the First Minister of Scotland only gets people's backs up and makes the First Minister more popular.
ITV News at ten was the same. Excellent.
It's bias not biase SR ;).

pictishbeastie said...

Before you go getting too clever it's haranguing not haranging RMcGeddon! LOL!

Brian said...

I agree the BBC is biased - compare the cuts to the BBC Midland Region (larger population than Scotland)

with those in BBC Scotland:


If savings are to be made in BBC Scotland's neews department then cutting a once a week prog and adding another day's output to a five day a week prog would seem reasonable as the marginal costs would be relatively small. I'm sure the untouched Sunday prog has supporters at the right pay grade for very good reasons.
Finally, it's very rare for programmes to last as long as Newsweek.

RMcGeddon said...

Aye you're right. I thought the spelling was wrong for harrangin but I couldn't be bothered checking it or changing it. Seeing as I'm a lazy hypocrite most of the time ;)

subrosa said...

I agree with you about tonight's Newsnight Observer, but can't agree with the BBC closing a programme that has been running for half my lifetime.

subrosa said...

Good point EP. Thanks.

subrosa said...

Spelling corrected RM.:) It was a rush post as I was out earlier.

Dreadful the behaviour of Paxman last night but you're right, every little insult helps.

subrosa said...

Thanks pictishbeastie. :)

subrosa said...

I'd agree it is rare Brian but to replace it with that terrible gms. I'm sad.

The Aberdonian said...


Just noticed that you and your fellow Dundonians are facing new media "experience". Jenny Hjul has come out of her coffin and got herself a billet on the Courier---

Alan must still have some pals on the Courier to get her a job---

subrosa said...

Ah, no real surprise there The Aberdonian. The Thomsons are dyed in the wool Tories and always have been.

Thanks for letting me know.

I expect they've recruited her to influence people about independence don't you?

The Aberdonian said...

Her column is on a Wednesday if you wish to avoid her----

Her first column has apparently not gone down so well----


I think she can only aid the SNP with this sort of er well

subrosa said...

You're awfully polite calling her rantings 'er wells' Aberdonian.

Thanks for the warning re Wednesdays. It could be, with her husband being a Dundonian and staunch unionist, that's where she managed her contact with D C Thomson. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

you wanna try being welsh!! The BBC rule all our media outlets. If it anit on the BBC it aint on.....period

subrosa said...

I see little hope of you getting your own TV channel lazy. We finally did but it's Gaelic and many people don't like subtitles. Super programmes they produce though but it's not on the main network.

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