Monday 23 January 2012

Another One Joins The Club

Yesterday the people of Croatia - to be more accurate 44% of eligible voters - voted to join the European Union next year. The Yes campaign managed 66% and the Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, called it 'a historic moment'.

The journalist who wrote this piece for Reuters says:

The slow pace of reform in the rest of the western Balkans, and waning enthusiasm within the EU for further enlargement, mean other countries in Croatia's neighbourhood - such as Serbia, Bosnia and Albania - will wait years before they too can join. Tiny Montenegro on the Adriatic coast is next in line.

I'm not at all sure he's correct or should I say he's expressing the government's view with regard to Serbia.  Read Rodney Atkinson's eloquent article and decide for yourself.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...


Something I found today which may be of interest.

Gedguy said...

I did notice this on the BBC's article:

'A simple majority was required for membership to be approved. There was no minimum threshold in order for the poll to be valid'

Now, I wonder if, when the time comes for the Scottish referendum, the BBC will be so willing to back that point of view?

JRB said...

A small country, with a population somewhere between 4 and 5 million.
The country’s economy is heavily based on the service sector, followed by agriculture and tourism.
Despite a low turnout from an apathetic population the country is willing to relinquish its recently gained independence and its national currency in order to reap the somewhat dubious benefits of joining the EU and the euro-zone.

A decision applauded by all western European leaders including Mr D Cameron of the UK.

No – not Scotland; but it might be one day – God help us all.

subrosa said...

Many thanks Stranger. I'll post that this evening. Good to keep a record of foreign journalism.

subrosa said...

Oh there will be a few in Westminster who try to alter that before 2014 Gedguy. Now Eck can just quote the EU to them.

subrosa said...

Thankfully we're much more of a democracy I think JRB, but I do see your comparison.

pa_broon74 said...

I think Croatia with its background would see being in the EU as adding security to their sovereignity oddly enough.

Just had a quick read on the history and its hard to know who the bad ones are in the region.

The Croats may well be fascist leaning but when they meet up with the wall of bureaucracy that is the EU they'll soon loose hope.

Its probably a good thing, the EU is great when it comes to taking the wind out of a countries sails.

Demetrius said...

So 44% voted and of those 66% were in favour of joining the EU. Does that mean that only around 30% were actually for it? So what were the 56% who did not vote thinking about? The next soccer Euro Championships?

subrosa said...

That's it Demetrius, around 30% voted yes. The figures I used in the post were approximate as the voting hadn't ended, but they didn't alter much as far as I could see.

I believe many didn't want to lose their 'independence'.

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