Thursday, 24 February 2011

FMQs 24 February 2010

This week's FMQs included questions on the following subjects:

  • Knife crime (Labour)
  • Elderly bed-blocking (Conservatives)
  • Changes in policing policy (Libdems)

Back bench questions included:

  • Ensuring Scottish nationals are safely evacuated from Libya
  • Two questions about Glasgow University's proposed cuts
  • Support for the workforce of Grangemouth refinery

The First Minister told the Parliament, during his response to the Libyan evacuation question, that he had been refused a seat at the COBRA meeting which took place this morning in London, but the Foreign Secretary had agreed to talk to him by telephone later today.


Smoking Hot said...

Bah! ... COBRA meeting, it's affront to the Trades Description Act. lt should be renamed ... Fluffy Bunny or Tortoise or Lemming or ...

Nikostratos said...


Why would the UK government allow an avowed destroyer of the United Kingdom enemy of all things British..
A ringside view of the organisation dedicated to the safety of the United Kingdom.

Alex Salmond is no more trustworthy than any Muslim terrorist he did not even deserve the courtesy of a telephone call.

subrosa said...

It should be disbanded SH because, as you say, it's a waste of time. I doubt if Eck was too worried about his exclusion, but it's another example of ignoring Scotland.

subrosa said...

COBRA dedicated to who Niko? Auch, yer clutching at straws. :)

J. R. Tomlin said...

Ah, well, Niko is right. It would be DREADFUL to have the First Minister of wee, unimportant, silly Scotland at a meeting of something as important as COBRA. Scotland has nothing to do with it, right? *cough*

subrosa said...

Jeanne, your comment is published now so you can take your tongue out of your cheek. :)

Anonymous said...

Apart from Niko's demented slaverings about Alex Salmond being as troublesome as a "Muslim" terrorist (are they different from other terrorists, Niko, or are you just a racist?) Why was the Scottish Government excluded from COBRA when it usually is not? Was the fact that the increasingly useless looking William Vague was chairing it and was afraid that Eck would easily overshadow him?

In the meantime I feel quite scared about leaving this incompetent lot to rescue Scots ex-pats from Libya. Tajikistan had their people out days ago, why couldn't the English (excluding the Scots) have managed this?

Billy Carlin said...

Oh Dear Mr Mxyzptlk what is this "United Kingdom of all things British.."?

Would that be the one with two conquered countries and one that was bribed to join against the wishes of its people all be lorded over by the country that did these acts.

What Muslim terrorists are you referring to? I did not realise that there were any Muslims in the Labour party when they authorised the London Bombings by the security services and then tried to pin it on the young Muslims who were taking part in the security exersizes that were taking place, at the exact same time with the exact same targets, and who were murdered along with the other innocent victims of this crime.

People like yourself in your wee political party cults are just as dangerous as people in their wee religious cults.

subrosa said...

My facetious answer is Cameron was away playing Head of The Empire and Clegg was skiing in Switzerland tris. Nobody at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha SR, I'm enjoying (!?!?!) the thought of Mr Cameron as HM THe Queen, head of the empire. I bet he looks lovely in a crown.

subrosa said...

I'm sure he'd be pleased to wear one no matter how daft he looks Tris. Some folks do anything for power - oh and money of course.

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