Wednesday 1 December 2010

Driving Hazard

If I worked in the Uk Foreign Office, I would relate to this.

'I wish you'd turn that radio off.  Every time they
mention Wikileaks, Grandad has to go.'


Joe Public said...

I have to smile at the obvious embarrassment of our American cousins from the disclosures.

Particularly Hilary Clinton's raving at Assange, when she should actually be apologising for the tittle-tattle her diplomats send to Washington.

banned said...

"Disclosures" ? Pld news and gossip thus far; somewhere though something nasty will have been sown, hidden in plain sight among all the dross.
Plus also is there anyone anywhere who does not regard the sex crimes charge against Julian Assange as an obviouse set up?

banned said...

Old news :(

subrosa said...

She hasn't handled it well at all Joe. Responsibility doesn't sit well with these people.

subrosa said...

I'd say 99% set up banned. They've tried a few other things which didn't stick too.

subrosa said...

Old right enough banned. Still, more to come.

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