Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Special Relationship Video

Captain Ranty left a comment on my post regarding the 'Special Relationship'. He mentioned this video which he has on his blog and I do feel it's worth viewing. I can say the 13th Article of Amendment is not noted in the current US Constitution and when I have more time I will research this further.


banned said...

What happened to the Lehman Bros share of the US Federal Reserve?

subrosa said...

Oh banned, you're asking a question to which I have no answer - not even a clue. Did hear something about Lehman Bros shares dropping earlier today though.

RMcGeddon said...

Subrosa. Lehmans went bust a couple of years ago so don't have any shares. It was Lehmans who started the collapse that all 'started in America' as McAvity keeps saying.
It might have been Goldman Sachs you read about.

banned said...

A quick bit of research seems to show that the 13th ammendment was the one that banned slavery and nothing about titles of nobility.

Captain Ranty said...


The 13th Amendment didn't actually ban slavery, at least, not in the way we were meant to think it did.

I have some links which explain why.

I'll post them later today.


subrosa said...

RM, do you know I fell asleep last night realising what a stupid comment I'd made about Lehmans? Of course it was Goldman Sachs.

My apologies.

subrosa said...

Auch banned, you put my searching to shame with your 'quick searches' - as always. Always a pleasure to hear you've found something.

subrosa said...

I look forward to that CR.

Captain Ranty said...

This link has a ton of interesting information:


I'll be back.


Captain Ranty said...



Captain Ranty said...

Or, if you like your info via YouTube, there is this:



subrosa said...

Many thanks CR. I know others are using your links too.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa re your comment on Lehman's/Goldman Sachs, not so stupid.

Fact is is didn't matter either way which one took the fall. Note Rothchilds value and positions during the "crises."

subrosa said...

I will do some research on that this evening RA. It's a horrible day here, cold, damp and miserable so no gardening this evening. Time then for having a look around on here.

joe90 kane said...

I don't think it's any big secret that American domestic and foreign policy is shaped and written in the interests of the largest domestic centres of wealth and power in America ie big corporations. I think most people would be surprised if it wasn't.

Most of the top state bureaucrats also find jobs in the boardrooms of the top corporations - hence, this is just one of the reasons the US state has just bailed out the US financial sector from free-market bankrupcy using taxpayers money.

An American John Dewey once said something like, politics is the shadow cast on society by big buisness

The British monarchy could alsways try enacting their rights under the missing Amendment 13 of the US Constitution but I have a strange feeling they won't get very far.

In much the same way, the original owner-occupiers of the US, the First Nation Americans, can always try to recover their legal title to the property of ownership of America, which undoubtedly belongs to them as they are its undisputed first occupants, but I don't think they will get very far either.

Still, you never know.

subrosa said...

Didn't the First Nation Americans Association try that not so long ago Joe yet got nowhere? It's ringing a bell somewhere.

Aye Dewey is right. The big money goes round the 3% of them. Us hoi polloi supply the money in the first place.

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