Sunday, 2 May 2010

To Help You Decide

Courtesy of David Forward who may remember next time we have a minority SNP government here in Scotland. I'll forgive him though but only because he can make me smile on bad hair days.


Sue said...

I knew I was a UKIPPER :)

Can't stand the French!

Dippyness. said...

UKIP/Green...Oh dear.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

Nikostratos said...

Looks like the people cant be bothered with the snp
or their leader ole whatisname.....didn't he used to be Alex Salmond


The poll for the Scottish Mail on Sunday newspaper showed Labour leading in Scotland on 44%, with the SNP on 23%, the Liberal Democrats on 16% and the Conservatives on 13%.

When voters were asked which party leader "has impressed you most during the General Election campaign" Mr Salmond polled just 7%

Blimey only 7 measly percent

Nikostratos said...


why am i not surprised??

subrosa said...

UKIP all you want to Sue - don't let others influence you. :)

subrosa said...

Oh Dippy, I see you have a problem. :)

subrosa said...

Morning Niko. I've told David off but it was worth posting anyway.

He'll get it right next time I'm sure. :)

The way you were talking there I thought nobody voted for the SNP but the hard core continues to do so.

Anyone who votes for labour isn't interested in how a country's run.

Anonymous said...

Niko matey,

The Prime Minister, who is not an unclever man, although at times he is a stupid one, in his infinite wisdom, decided to allow for the very first time presidential style debates with only himself, Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron taking part. I didn’t think it would work. I thought that only a few saddos with nothing else to do on a Thursday night would watch it, but I was spectacularly wrong.

People have watched in millions. The opinion polls have been all about who performed best in the debate. Of course, all over the country that is now what people are really thinking about. In Dundee, for example, all hell has broken out over a biomass plant and associated windmills that Forth Posts want to put in the industrial zone of the docks spoiling the view of hundreds of people whose houses will drop in value as a result of them.

But that’s not what will decide. The exclusion of UKIP, Greens, Socialists, Nationalists, the Irish parties of all shades and sundry others has distorted the game. People are voting on what they saw on the telly.

Parties that were represented in the debates had the chance to do well or badly. As a result the party that was included, only as a sop, but which gets around 1/5th of the votes, has taken huge advantage of the presentational skills of its relatively young, photogenic, leader, who knows exactly how to perform on tv. The exact opposite of the labour leader, who most certainly does not.

It would have been difficult, but not impossible, to arrange leadership debates including all parties. The do it in Canada, and they seem to do it well despite having all manner of parties including those representing first nation Canadians as well as French and English-speaking immigrants. Needless to say that takes work, effort and ingenuity. So we just had the big two and pt in Nick Clegg as a sop to everyone else, and got on with ticking the health and safety list.

Anyone who has been left out of this reality tv show has been left out of the election. For many people, they simply don’t know anyone else is standing. Such is the mockery that they have made of the election. In an age of reality tv, I wonder that no one thought that it would do that.

I think I may do a piece on it....

Nikostratos said...


And what country would that be......I'm sure Cameron will do well for Scotland if he wins......sorry meant 'do for'Scotland

dont you agree?


wonder if any Prime minister will ever take a gamble on the debates ever again.

Personally i doubt if they will why gift the opposing partys a potential open goal..

subrosa said...

Excellent comment Tris. Yes you should do a post on it.

subrosa said...

Niko, I thought you would know I'm talking about Scotland. Unless of course I've missed the fact that the SNP stand in other parts of the UK.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Subrosa.

Niko. I agree with that, but I wonder how difficult it will be to say no next time round.

It is always the encumbant that has the final say and the most to lose. Brown/Mandleson was/were either brave or foolhardy to say yes.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

7% want oor Alex as Leader.

That's not bad for a country that is only 8.6% of the population of a dysfunctional union.

subrosa said...

So that was a UK wide question RA? Ah, typical of Niko.

ukipwebmaster said...

Lol! They've missed out "Do you hate the English" for the SNP.

subrosa said...

Now now webmaster, it's the London government not the English people.

Tractor Stats is English and the poor soul's forgotten about me sitting up here in my paradise.

He won't forget again though. ;)

Nikostratos said...

the poll by social trends consultancy TNS-BMRB on Westminster voting intentions in Scotland.

A total of 1,029 Scottish adults, representative by gender, age, social grade and regions, were interviewed face-to-face between April 21 and April 27.

subrosa said...

Nobody has ever asked me Niko. Do these pollsters have a disregard for pensioners?

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