Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Not for the Faint Hearted

The soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister and his minder made an appearance on ITV's GMTV this morning. I didn't see it but heard about it on radio. Brace yourself for the luv-in.

He's still pedaling the lie that child credits will be removed by the other parties. Not one word about the debt we owe and that labour isn't going to start paying it off until next year, leaving us paying a massive amount in interest.

Seeing the man who wants to continue governing this country clinging onto his wife on daytime television and insisting he's the only person who can save us is embarrassing to say the least.

Listen to his reply about would he stand down if he didn't win: "If I couldn't make difference anymore I'd go off and do something else. Sarah and I might do charity voluntary work. I don't want to do business or anything like that. I just want to do something good and if you can't make a difference in the job you're doing, just my very thought, thought of what... is to go and do something else to help other people."

Gordon Brown knows he's finished. This interview is the start of the Browns' double act as charity workers. There will be a lot more to come in the future - be warned.


Oldrightie said...

The same awfulness from the BBC, no mention of Mrs Duffy.

subrosa said...

It was ITV this morning OR. You're obviously not a daytime TV watcher. :)

I think she did mention Mrs Duffy very very briefly but not by name.

Unknown said...

I'm sure the world of business will heave a sigh of relief that G. Brown's decided against 'doing' business 'or anything like that'.

Wasn't it the same Gordon Brown who sold our gold reserves at the bottom of the market and who destroyed pension schemes. And if my memory serves me correctly, he is also said,in his time as Chancellor,to have drawn up a grandiose deal with the hugely-rich US university, MIT, which gave them a large sum of British tax-payers' money as an inducement to enter into a research project with Cambridge Uni!

subrosa said...

Spot on Belle!

Clarinda said...

I presume we have 'Chief' Doogie "Juicy Fruit" Alexander to thank for this re-run of 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' with McMurphy and Ratched on the couch this morning.

Suggestions for what suitable food and drink would ease the pain - or pleasure - during the election result TV marathon would be very welcome.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Thireteen excruciating minutes of vanilla merde.

This man is dangerously deluded. He's glueing feathers together in an attempt to make a duck.

Luckily all he does is make a fool of himself.

Tom Paine said...

Everything you need to know about this horrible little man is in his words:

"...I don't want to do business or anything like that. I just want to do something good..."

So his lifelong parasitism is "something good" and making the wealth half of which the government takes by force and (largely) squanders is not?

He goes one, illuminatingly;

"...and if you can't make a difference in the job you're doing ...go and do something else to help other people..."

Business does more to "help other people" than Gordon Brown has ever done.

subrosa said...

On Thursday I will ask readers for their suggestions so as you can nip to M & S Clarinda. I think it's crisps (which I love but refuse to buy unless for special occasions), a few olives stuffed with anchovies and just one or two wee sherries before I revert to the fennel tea.

subrosa said...

I did warn you RA. Isn't it pathetic we have the PM of this country prepared to sit there speaking such rubbish. He thinks he's speaking to 'the people' of course.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

In Gordon's case Rosa it's Caveat Vendor.

He's sold the public one pup too many.

subrosa said...

That's exactly my thoughts Tom. In fact, when I watched this, I wondered if any business would even give him one of these cushy directorships.

Mrs Rigby said...

Ooh, you cruel thing! But I'm too faint-hearted to watch it.

Adding to what Belle said, isn't he the chap who sold our gold and, errm, bought a load of, errm, Euros?

Why does a person who's been Chancellor of the Exchequer and also Prime Minister suddenly feel the need to be interviewed on daytime TV? You'd think he had more important things to do, and would be too important to do anything so totally naff!

*pedant alert* - Isn't it 'peddling lies'? Or do you mean cycling?

Anonymous said...



Better out than in...

subrosa said...

Sorry Mrs R, but I did warn you.

Aye that's the man. Sold our gold at the cheapest price to buy euros at their cheapest ever rate. Then of course he raided the best pension scheme in the world and make it the worst.

Not to say he did away with the 10p tax and never mentions it.

Pedaling? I think both of us are being to kind. Stealing would be far more appropriate.

subrosa said...

Rightwinggit. Have you any Gaviscon? The strong stuff is better than anything else.

Mavis B Sausage said...

I have a menu suggestion for Clarinda, one I will be partaking of. I'm thinking a handful of mogadon, drink of the person's choice. Tea or ribena for me. Thanks for this post Subrosa, I wish this excrescence (spelling?)was being shown more often. perhaps a 24 hour loop on all channels from now till Thursday night?
Quote from my dear mama earlier today; "Those Browns, weren't they in 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest'?

subrosa said...

Good suggestion Mavis. Another I had was valium accompanied by a thermos of hot chocolate.

banned said...

If he was to do what fellow disgracee John Profumo did he might end his days with some semblemce of self-respect restored.

subrosa said...

He doesn't have such principles banned. He'll want to do something high profile because he thinks he's one of the greats.

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