Friday, 23 April 2010

FMQs 22 April 2010

Yesterday the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament was in full electioneering mode. Questions included renewable energy projects, right-to-buy homes and the new school curriculum.

The FM refused to accept Iain Gray's accusation that renewable energy targets had not been achieved and took trouble to explain to the leader of the labour MSPs that carbon emissions targets are not achieved in a matter or weeks or months but years. A flamboyant performance from Alex Salmond.

Annabel Goldie, on behalf of the tories, wanted to see the return of right-to-buy homes. Alex Salmond explained there are 7,000 social houses being built in Scotland and 2,000 council houses in the planning or being built at present. This is the first time for some years that any council in Scotland has undertaken the building of homes.

The Curriculum for Excellence was Tavish Scott's subject and the FM explained he would stand by the judgement of the Education Management Board.

You can view FMQs here or on the BBC iPlayer.

One interesting piece of business undertaken in the Parliament yesterday was a new law which replaces the Dangerous Dogs Act and switches the focus on to the owner and animal rather than just particular breeds. It closes a loophole where, if a child was attacked by a dog in its home, the owner could not be held legally responsible unless the animal was classified as a dangerous breed.

About 600 people are attacked by dogs every year in Scotland and during 2007-08 a total of 363 of them required hospital treatment.


Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

These dogs need proper training, to identify politicians better.

subrosa said...

It's taken me a few minutes to wipe away the tears before I could type RA. :)

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