Saturday 6 February 2010

Scotland leads The Way!

Ponzi Scheme Scam Still Continues Under Ed Gromit?

Feb 04, 2010
Scotland records coldest winter in almost a century reports The BBC. Scotland has suffered some of the coldest winter months in almost 100 years, the Met Office has confirmed. By combining the temperatures of January and December it showed they were the coldest since 1914 - the year data started being logged. Elsewhere, it was the coldest December and January in Northern Ireland since 1962/63 and the coldest in England and Wales since 1981/82. Sub-zero temperatures and snow blew into the UK from mid-December. The average minimum overnight temperature for January is usually at freezing point, but in Scotland it was regularly below -5C.

01/25/2010 der Spiegel International.
Frost Bite
Cold Snap Causes Deaths in Eastern Europe, Germany
Cold weather in Germany and Eastern Europe in recent days has caused deaths and major disruption to transportation systems. Parts of Europe have been snow-covered for a month, but that coating turned into a layer of ice in many countries in recent days.
A continuing cold snap across parts of Europe over the weekend and into Monday caused the deaths of more than 40 people in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. It's a cold spell that also stretched across much of Germany, leaving people here shivering as temperatures plunged as low as -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) early on Monday morning.

Now just in case you get a bit cocky up there read on;

Deadly Cold Strikes Eastern Europe
Germany’s cold spell, however, has been minor compared to temperatures being experienced in Eastern Europe. A government spokesperson in Bucharest (Subway Station shown) reported that ice cold temperatures of -34 degrees Celsius caused the deaths of 11 people in Romania in just 24 hours, with a total of 22 deaths registered in the last five days as a result of the cold.

Of course if we should have a well deserved warm, sunny summer the Ponzi -Storm troopers will be out in force again. If we do and they are, just remember how much egg they are having to wipe of their faces virtually every day since mid-November!


Trident said...
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Trident said...

Blogger Polaris said...
Yeah but, no but - Subrosa you are confusing climate with weather, they are of course, as we are told, completely different things. So why do the Met Office specialise in Climate Change? Oh damn another internal conversation - sorry...

Who knows the truth on AGW - not the Climate Change lobby that's for sure.

My apologies for the frustrated brain dump...

subrosa said...

Polaris, this isn't my post, it's a post from Old Rightie my lovely partner in crime. :)

Do you read emails? lol

Trident said...

You are of course entirely correct, I'm having a rather confuddled start to the day. Funny you should mention email - I think I just sent you one - of course if today is to continue as it has started I suspect I ate the email and sent you my tights...

subrosa said...

Polaris, forgive me, I should have checked email before I replied.

No I didn't receive your tights, thank goodness. Never wear the things.

You sound like I felt yesterday. In fact I was considering setting up a blog

Trident said...

Well if you're looking for a contributor I'm yer wummin.

I like tights when it's cold, despite my self-neglect I just can't get a good coverage of leg-hair.

Off out shopping now - just boring shopping unfortunately, catch you later my dear...

subrosa said... could perhaps take off Polaris. I'm sure there are a lot of us around. :)

Enjoy shopping. That reminds me I've some to do myself. :(

Demetrius said...

At the risk of butting in, I put this on John Redwood's earlier:

The past tells us that climate can and does change and within general climatic conditions weather patterns might shift and vary. It is a very complex set of interactions and difficult enough to work out what really did happen and how in the past. Now we are trying to second guess what the planet and the solar system might do in the immediate future. Of necessity disagreements and conflicts of opinion will occur. Those of us on volcano watch and other geophysical lurches will know that it could happen fast at any time. One interesting item this week was the melting of the Iceland glaciers as a result of any warming might release immense volcanic powers that will end in global cooling. Two for the price of one. I am not either taking or making bets.

Oldrightie said...

Weather is the product of climate. Rather like offspring are the product of mating. There is, ergo, a profound link and connection or even DNA! Hope that helps Polaris.

subrosa said...

You'll never be accused of butting in Demetrius.

I hadn't read about the possibility of volcanic erruptions. Thanks.

Sensible man, I won't be betting either.

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