Saturday, 30 January 2010

Another in the series 'How Much More of It?'

Another article in the press today from the 'How Much More of It?' series.

Let me introduce you to Micharl Mancini (above), a furniture restorer from Prestwick, Ayrshire.

Mr Mancini was given a fixed penalty of £60 and docked three penalty points on his licence after leaning over and pulling out a paper tissue to wipe his nose when stuck in a traffic jam in Ayr High Street. He said that his van was in neutral with its handbrake on and that he was flabbergasted when he was signalled into a parking bay by an approaching policeman.

Matters became “a little bit surreal”, he said, when he wound down his window and was promptly charged by the stern-faced PC Stuart Gray, a man known locally as “Shiny Buttons” in recognition of his zealous attention to detail. “I honestly thought it was a joke,” said Mancini, 39, who was booked for failing to be in control of his vehicle.

“I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’. But he was absolutely deadpan. He’s a policeman, so you’re not going to start shouting abuse at him. I thought, ‘What is the world coming to?’ You pick the papers up every day and they are full of horror stories — but this bloke has nothing more to do with his time.”

This is not the first time PC Gray has acted against the very people he's paid to protect. He earned notoriety for doling out a £50 fine to Stewart Smith, another Ayr man, who dropped a £10 note from his back pocket. Mr Smith was charged with littering.

Mr Mancini decided to give Strathclyde Police the opportunity to drop the case and they refused. Last week the local procurator fiscal reaffirmed his determination to proceed. The district court has no power to award costs, so even if Mancini's case is dismissed, he may face considerable expense.

"It is absolutely crazy, but I have no option but to press on," Mancini said. "The police must show some common sense. I believe absolutely in road safety but I am not going to sit back and accept a £60 fine and three points on my licence for something I didn't do. I will fight this all the way."

If I lived over his side of the country I'd be at court offering my support. Haven't we far better issues to spent money on such as education and health.


Nikostratos said...

Once the police hand it over to the procurator fiscal the police have no determination of whether to prosecute or not.

Which does make me wonder about the 'FULL' story

wisnaeme said...

I think this outraged gentleman (and with just cause) requires an expert to advise and take council with I think I'll give Robbie the Pict a wee phone call. LOL.

Strathturret said...

Sounds like a PR disaster for PF and Strathclyde Polis!

Is there more to this story than we've been told?

Anonymous said...

If this guy, stopped in traffic for a few moments, takes the trouble to engage neutral and put his hand brake on, then he is the only man in the world who does so. That doesn't excuse the ridiculous charge, but I do think he's lying about the brake and neutral gear.

joe90 kane said...

How about the young lad from Alloa, Mohammed Atif Siddique, who got 2 years in jail for putting a hyperlink in a webpage -
Mohammed Atif Siddique suffered "miscarriage of justice", says appeal court
Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
29 Jan 2010

subrosa said...

The police decide whether a case should be given to the PF Niko.

subrosa said...

I think Robbie the Pict would be a great help to the chap wisnaeme.

subrosa said...

There may be more Strathturret, you can never tell really. Although the chap seems quite determined that's his side of the story. Will be interesting to keep an eye on developments.

subrosa said...

If I was stuck in a traffic jam knowing I'd be there for more than a few seconds I'd put the handbrake on and take the car out of gear. Is that only a women thing Edgar?

subrosa said...

The links weren't to M & S were they Joe.

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