Thursday, 31 December 2009

Scotblogs Awards


Duncan at Scottish Roundup has canvassed some other bloggers (not me, honestly!) and they agreed there should be some form of awards given to Scottish bloggers - hence the title.

I've no idea what qualifies as a 'Scottish' blog but let's assume it's along the lines of how Scotland finds footballers to play in the national team. So, if your great-great-granny was Scottish or even your second cousin, twice removed, was born in Scotland when their mother was on holiday, I'm sure you'll be accepted. (There are bound to be a few websites around where you can quickly doctor a birth certificate.)

There will be two stages to the awards (nothing is simple is it?). The first stage will be from now until 13 January and will be a nominations stage.

The second stage will be from 14 - 27 January and will be a voting stage.

There's a panel involved and they, along with readers, will be invited to select their favourite blogs from the list of nominations.

These awards are not just for political blogs, they're for ALL Scottish blogs, regardless of subject and no matter how small. There are some super blogs out there which deserve recognition. Nominations should be sent to

Does that all make sense to you? If not I apologise but you can read the rules here.


banned said...

Will only Scotspersons be able to vote? Isn't that a bit racist? How about if I'm on holiday in Scotland with access to an internet cafe? I could pretend!

subrosa said...

I think you'd definitely qualify banned. Surely it's not only Scots who can nominate or vote. That would be a bit boring. :)

As Niko (the only labour voter I know) usually says 'Vote early, vote often'. :)

Captain Ranty said...


I'll see if I can tag my wee Banffshire Resistance Blog at the bottom of the list! If I don't nominate me, no-one else will.

You DID say that content was immaterial, dincha?


subrosa said...

CR, I'll nominate you and would be delighted to do so.

subrosa said...

According to Duncan's rules yes it is CR. I've had nothing to do with this so I'm only going by what Duncan says.

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