Friday 30 October 2009

Bohemian Bankruptcy - A Tragedy by Drag Queen


Anonymous said...

Subrosa, I love this. I'll post it on my site with full credit to you. Grazie, wee lass.

subrosa said...

Just great isn't it Goomba. It was one of my lovely readers who recommended it - knowing we both had good taste. :)

Witterings from Witney said...


Not my kind of music, lass, but I have to say - bloody funny!

Maybe it is a fallacy - that the Scots are not 'sharp'.

Sr, I jest, honestly, I jest!

I have no wish for you to incur unecessary travel expense resulting in my departing this mortal coil earlier than I planned. - I do so wish to see GB and his cohorts hanging from the lamposts!

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's great.

PS, if you want the video to fit in properly rather than be cut off on the right hand side, you go into HTML and change height to 400 and width 295.

subrosa said...

WfW, I have no desire to spend my hard earned pension on paying tribute to you once you've thrown off your mortal coil. Much better to see the sight when it uses oxygen.

subrosa said...

Mark, I do hope you're suitably impressed with my first ever tinker with HTML.

It's actually easy when someone who knows explains it.

Many thanks.

banned said...

Good find SR, sharply made and funny.

subrosa said...

Glad you enjoyed it banned. Quite slick and the music is fantastic.

All Seeing Eye said...

Very good, Subrosa. Borrowed for mine, if you don't mind!


It will be just as appreciated in New Zealand too.
We dumped our Liarbour government a year ago, but nothing much as changed.
We have economic strife too.
Pity our Cameron-clone PM, lovely man that he is, is not doing enough to bring about the radical change that we need.

JRB said...

Brilliant !

This little masterpiece will keep me smiling for days to come.

My thanks to you, Subrosa and to your reader for bringing this to us.

Like others, I too would very much like to post this little gem. Thanks.

subrosa said...

I don't mind in the least ASE, it's a pleasure.

subrosa said...

Hello Fairfacts. How lovely to see someone from New Zealand visit. I read some of your political blogs and know there are strong ties with Scotland in places.

Do hope New Zealanders enjoy it.

subrosa said...

Ah John, enjoy it. The music is the type that you could listen to every day isn't it.

I like having videos like that on here because I can have a wee listen while I compose a post or answer comments.

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