Saturday 23 May 2009

Subrosa's Super Seven Blogs

Brownlie - Love Labour’s leaflet

Moridura -   Why the Nats must say No to NATO

Mr Euginides -  See the gardens of MPs

Political Dissuasion -  State funded parties

Scunnert Nation -  Nicola Tesla (video)

Spiked Online -  Beware of the vultures circling the Commons

The Daily Politics - Stanislav applies for Speaker’s position

Fish Suppers to :

Your Freedom and Ours - Well he has resigned 

Idle Pen Pusher -  Abolish corporation tax (could also apply to Scotland)

Newsarse - UK told summer is going to be a bit hotter than normal, probably

Bank Holiday Specials:

Baron’s View - Stressed out… try a day at the beach in China

Power and its Minions -  English vs. Scottish press freedom


cynicalHighlander said...

Since these apologetic MPs are paying back their assumed capital gains tax liability to offset their future tax liabilities surely it might do them more good to donate the money into charities which are being shortchanged for the olympics.

subrosa said...

Now that is a good idea Highlander. Don't send it to Gordon Brown though, he never reads or replies to emails.

Swiss Bob said...


Thank you for that. I'm glad you like it and I'm sure the authors will appreciate it.


subrosa said...

My pleasure Swiss.

brownlie said...


What an unexpected and undeserved honour - so unexpected that I've only just noticed it. Just wait until I get the BNP rubbish through the door.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, that's the only drivel I've had as yet. Obviously this is a well held seat for the SNP.

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