Friday 24 April 2009

They Offer to Die for Us

Proud Gurkhas with Elspeth Attwooll MEP

Once more the Gurkhas have been treated with derision by the Westminster government who, not liking a Court's ruling, decided to amend their policy which they say would allow another 4,000 ghurkas the ability to live in Britain.  This figure is disputed by the campaigners who say it would be nearer 100.

But this post isn't about numbers because numbers should not matter.  Every gurkha who has served in HM Forces should be entitled to settle in Britain should they so wish, no ifs or buts. Any person who belongs to a Commonwealth country has this right, so why not men who offer to lay down their lives to protect us?

We allow rapists, murderers, thieves and many others into this country without any form of identification or any chance of finding one.  Our prisons are full of illegal immigrants who never seem to be deported.

Some gurkhas have served in our forces for up to 22 years, no easy task.  Many years ago I had the pleasure of working with them and their pride in being part of HM Forces was palpable.  

So my message to the Westminster government is simple. Stop playing games and allow these men of courage the right to live in Britain.


banned said...

I am too angry to respond to this coherantly tonight.

Faux Cu said...

It is quite simple, racism.

They are paid less than a "commonwealth" soldier or UK citizen.

They are no less front line soldiers than our homegrown boys and do lay down their lives for us.

They are being excluded by chicanery from Whitehall who are cynically getting round previous legal rulings.

Funny, that the rag tag and bobtail, like Somalis who have absolutely no connection at all with the UK except as a land of milk and honey, sitting in Calais waiting to catch the truck over here are greeted with more enthusiasm and given more alms than the Ghurkas.

If you walked down any High Street in the UK and asked whether they should have the right of abode after serving in our Armed Forces and I doubt if you would heave a dissenting voice. That is unless the street is Whitehall.

Being the cynical b'stad that I am, what is the chances that Broon will intervene for the Ghurkas?

I doubt it for that would require a moral compass.

They are more easily expendable as far as the Whitehall Warriors are concerned.

subrosa said...

I understand banned as I'm still furious.

subrosa said...

FC I can't argue with anything you say about this. We just must keep the pressure up. I'd no idea, once the court ruled in favour of the ghurkas, that Gordon Brown would behave in this manner. It's more than shameful.

Daniel1979 said...

Absolutely, this is clear cut - if you sign up and are prepared to put you life on the line for the UK like the Ghurka's have done then there should be absolutely no dispute about being able to reside here.

subrosa said...

Thank you Dan. My thoughts exactly.

Nikostratos said...


have a listen to this..

Rorke's Drift – a tale of heroic victory and rejection

Site of battle between British soldiers and Zulu warriors has become synonymous with achieving against the odds but reveals much more

When coal mines closed and families died of influenza and typhoid, they signed up for a shilling a day, given no alternatives.

"Unfortunately, when they returned to Britain, which was particularly class conscious, they were still treated as the bottom drawer. We find it absolutely heartbreaking how many of these men were treated and how so many of them died in poverty and penury."

Oldrightie said...

Just as we get furious about another hourly revelation of Labours' utter crap along comes the next hour.

What a dark place we are all in.

subrosa said...

OR I read about that earlier. Glad Fido's done something. Shocking, absolutely shocking. And of course the police didn't react immediately. How often are we hearing that these days? Far far more than usual.

subrosa said...

Niko that is a prime example of the abuse Britain's troops have had for generations. Still they get people joining up who feel a need to do the job. They deserve the respect of the whole country because without them life would be a lot different and not pleasantly so.

Faux Cu said...

My boyscout good deed for the day

Click on and sign the petition for Brown to resign, loads of people signing.

At the very least it will mean a new Nokio and photocopier in 10 Downing Street.

But shares in information technology suppliers folks.

Trying to beat the Susan Boyle one

Anonymous said...

100% behind you on this. This is among the most despicable of the things the government has done recently.

The way these men have been treated over the years, including holders of medals for bravery, has been sickening.

I'm not a person who feels any pride in being british, but this, for sure, makes me thoroughly ashamed.

The Queen, as head of the armed forces, should send for that smarmy revolting ba'tard, the immigration minister, who was telling us that it was an excellent deal for them, and she should tell him to change this stupid deal now, and increase their pensions to the level of British servicemen's pensions as ofthis minute, and if it's not done by tea time tomorrow she should cut the prat's head off.

OK she shouldn't.... but I'm angry that decent ordinary people have to send money to the Ghurka Association to help make their miserable pensions a little more reasonable, while cabinet ministers enjoy several houses at our expense.

Oh just get us out of this god forsaken country of shame NOW.

Sorry, rant over.

subrosa said...

Done FC. Hope others sign it too.

subrosa said...

Tris, hopefully the media and bloggers will put so much pressure on Brown that he has to cave in with regard to this. It's just shameful putting limitations on these men.

Anonymous said...

It was on Spook's site, so I signed earlier. Can't find my name on it though. GRR.... You don't suppose they are fiddling it do you?

Fitaloon said...

Absolute disgrace sign the Justice for Gurkha petition here.

We must support all our armed forces personnel both past and present, especially in these times when we call upon them to put their lives in anger serving us.

CrazyDaisy said...

This Government like the Tory before it have failed in honouring THE GHURKAS and they need to right now not tomorrow next week or the month after, NOW.

If they do not then it is time we of the Armed Forces bring this Government down, the shame is to much for us to witness our comrades in arms to bear.

You will always repeat always be welcome in Scotland.


subrosa said...

CD on another blog someone was saying they don't want Brown to resign they want the whole government to resign. Me too. Just wonder though if Cameron's up to the job, kind of have ma' doots at the moment.

Baron's Life said...

Subrosa...this is always been british politics policy and you should really know that ... unless you were living on another planet...we call it, over here in North America, 2 faced policies....! lol Adjust your sails to the wind mate...!
Had British politicians been smart instead of being two timing, double crossing lovers...the British Empire would still have been a force to reckon with today....
But as we say, C'est La vie..!
Keep on trucking girl...and keep those boy friends at bay.
Cheers Subrosa

brownlie said...

I really can't understand why they had to go to court in the first instance as they should be at the front of the queue for residency. It shows clearly how arrogant and out of touch with public opinion Broon and his government actually are.

subrosa said...

Berge what insight you have about British politics from there. You're quite right of course, Britain's always tried the two timing game and lost. Now they've nothing left to date with.

subrosa said...

The had to go to Court to fight an amendment to their rights Brownlie, one that labour made. The court was on their side that it was unlawful, so being the nasty party, labour decided to put do another amendment curtailing their rights even more. It's just shameful. Now I've told you all that I expect you know it anyway!

Richard T said...

I saw Phil Woollas last night trying to justify the decision. It turned my stomach. It boiled down to these are little brown men whom the Home office bureaucrats don't want in the country although they're perfectly OK as cannon fodder. If anything says this stinking government should pack its bags and go this does. I notice in passing however that the tories are awfu quiet. Wonder why.

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