Saturday, 25 May 2013

Take Your Pick

A slightly different TYP this week. At this link you can listen to the experience of an American who wanted to help build a school in Hiati. The podcast is 22 minutes long but you can listen while you do your usual morning browsing.

Also, sent to me by Edward was the following taken from the Spectator blogs:

Thanks to David Maddox for this gem. During a debate on BBC Scotland last night, marking a decade of devolution, Iain Gray, leader of the Labour party at Holyrood, boasted of the parliament’s achievements:
Has it [the Scottish Parliament] made a difference?" he asked rhetorically. "Yes it has. When the Parliament started one in five children in this country lived in poverty. That’s now one in three. That’s significant progress."
God knows, mind you, how much more of this progress we can take.
Oh, Iain Gray was once a teacher. His subject? Mathematics, obviously…
To think this man was the leader of the Labour party in Scotland!


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