Friday, 23 April 2010

Brown's Bull Exposed

Congratulations to the SNP for being swift off the mark with this one! Of course the MSM have buried it this morning but keep mentioning the deceit. That's what labour do - repeat and repeat whether it's true or false. This is valid because it's the truth.

Thanks to DarkLochnagar


Apogee said...

Labour doing what Labour does !

So what's new !

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...


It was a really good moment after the debate, it complimented Camerons exposing of Labours dirty tricks perfectly. Good double blow on the Liebour Party!

Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Darling was challenged by the delightful Martha on WAO about this issue. The idiot implied it was all OK and part of election rough and tumble. To which she said "So lying is acceptable practice in British elections now"! Cue embarrassed, angry retort. Close to a gaffe, that one. Congrats to Alex, too.

Jim Baxter said...

Good for AS.

Yes, Tom Harris is at it too - his leaflet quotes a pensioner saying what a disaster it would be for her to lose her winter heating allowance. Just that. You see? Leaves the inference that only Labour will protect it up to the suckers that we obviously must all be here in Glasgow South. Subtle eh?


Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

Brown said that Cameron had not previously said that he would protect these vital services for the elderly, but we have- it is in our manifesto: I shall quote word for word from it now,

""That is why we have made a pledge to pensioners to re-link the basic state pension to earnings and to protect:

1. the winter fuel allowance,
2. free bus passes
3. free tv licences,
4. disability living allowancec and attendance allowance, and,
5. the pensions credit"

There, it seems that Gordon has been well and truly caught. Liebour- misleading the elderly both north and south of the wall.

Good work SR

subrosa said...

Aye Apogee, though it was the timing of Salmond's crushing criticism. The interviewer on Sky wasn't best pleased with him, did you notice?

subrosa said...

We need more of that here Dean, but I doubt we'll get it. It was Sky trying to be reasonably 'fair' which allowed the Salmond brief interview in the first place.

subrosa said...

I missed that OR. Labour have always dealt with their lies being exposed in that way.

It's time there were exposed far more often.

subrosa said...

Is that the leaflet you received from Tom Jim? ;)

Surely some of the Glasgow bloggers will expose that.

Subtle? As subtle as a swarm of bloodsucking mosquitos.

subrosa said...

Yet they deny it is in your manifesto Dean. Mandelson repeated that at the labour press conference this morning, although I think his point was about free eye tests.

Jim Baxter said...


It is indeed. Well, it was pressed though my letter box by some poor fish. Thing is, in anticipation, I'd had an especially stiff spring put on especially for Labour - warned the postman and everybody else like - didn't want to harm the innocent.

Would you like a copy? Of the leaflet I mean. Care for a fish finger?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Now, now folks; labour are merely reading the runes.

The same runes they read for the gold market, the pension dividend tax, the abolition of the 10% tax rate, the end of boom and bust, the plea from financiers for looser -if any regulation, the manipulation of inflation to apply only to minor consumer goods while wealth can rocket astronomically.

The same runes that told them to increase the pressure on the magic fountain they call consumers, to buy schools and hospitals on HP at rates that would make a tally man blush, to send troops to their deaths in order to up the fee's for ex PMs motivational talks and directorships, to guild their lillies and snort their troughs and give welfare to the banks of £1.4 trillion, enough to make every pensioner in the UK a millionaire.

Now which of the last two would give a better chance to Britain working its way out of recession?

Damn that must be the one set of runes they haven't studied.

subrosa said...

Jim, I'd be delighted to see a copy.

As for the fish finger, can I pass? I prefer to disect my own fish thanks. Yes I know well sprung letterboxes have their uses but...

William said...

Yes, as usual covered up by our glorious Scottish Press and BBC,
I've stopped buying The Herald because of its bias, but saw a copy in a cafe today. In a piece about last night's debate, they showed the pictures of 8 people with their comments underneath. No fewer than 6 out of the 8 thought that Gordon Brown had done best!!! Do they think we are stupid?

William Brown

subrosa said...

Runes indeed RA. Problem for labour is runes = ruins.

subrosa said...

I'm afraid they do William. That's the Scottish press for you. Pity they don't realise if they were unbiased they would get at least 33% more readers.

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