Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Gold Post Box For Lossiemouth

Helen Stanning and her rowing partner Helen Glover were the first British female rowers to win an Olympic title yesterday and walked off with a Gold.

Ms Stanning is a captain in the Army and they gave her 18 months leave to practice for the event.  In the past the Army have supported many of our top sports men and women including Dame Kelly Holmes.

However, what prompted this post was the last two paragraphs of an article on the BBC's website.  Ms Stanning is a Scot, born in Lossiemouth.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail said a special stamp to celebrate the win would be available by Thursday lunchtime.
Royal Mail will also paint one of its red post boxes gold in Lossiemouth.

Have you ever seen a gold post box?

On the subject of sport I must include Michael Jamieson's breathtaking performance in the mens 200m breaststroke yesterday.

Does this mean the Royal Mail will issue a stamp for him and also paint a Glasgow post box silver?  I do hope so.

It's a busy day today for the Dunblane laddie.  His next appearance is at noon followed by the mixed doubles around 6pm. Another tension-filled afternoon no doubt.


JRB said...

This is what the Olympics should be all about.

Competitors giving of their very best, putting their skills and training to the test to achieve all that they can.

They deserve our unreserved praise and congratulations for doing so well.

(Where as, idiots like Boris’ dangling from a wire are but a foolish distraction.)

As for gold post boxes, see -

RMcGeddon said...

They could make the silver medal winners into 2nd class stamps ;)
Close but no cigar as they say.

Barney Thomson said...

Now there will be one in Edinburgh (maybe more).

Ach, an een ane in Aiberdeen -

subrosa said...

Thank you for the link JRB. Shame the gold is only going to be temporary though.

subrosa said...

Ha ha RM. I still like the idea of silver and bronze boxes.

subrosa said...

Twa I think Barney. Both rowers came from there didn't they?

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