Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ms Goldie Changes Tack

The Scottish Tories are reported as being set to do a major policy U-turn and go into the Scottish election offering to form a coalition to get into government at Holyrood.

By the sound of it any party will do as long as the prize is power.

"That is the way we are thinking," one senior Tory said yesterday. "With the party in a coalition at Westminster, we would look daft ruling out coalitions here. In 2007 it was difficult to see us as a realistic coalition party. But nothing is ruled out now. The question is whether we coalesce with Labour or the SNP.

"A coalition with Labour would be extremely difficult, given the situation at Westminster. The SNP is difficult because of the constitutional issue. But if the constitutional issue could be parked and you ask 'are there areas of common ground?' The answer is yes. It would be difficult but possible. It is not inconceivable." 

The question is would the SNP be interested in entering into a coalition with the Tories?  Unless they agree to support the cause of independence I doubt if there is the slightest chance, which would leave them having to join with Labour should they not win outright.  Would the SNP consider 'parking' the constitutional issue?  That would upset many of their supporters including this one.

Who would have believed that the Tories would tout their shortcomings around Holyrood in a desperate bid for power.  Many of their supporters will be thinking they've lost any dignity they've had since 1999 and I know some who wish they would disband and regroup as a Scottish party without any connection to their present masters in London.

Power creates strange bedfellows.  Kenny Farquharson adds his pennyworth here.



Sue said...

She looks like a bloke. Scary!

Alex Porter said...

Yeh sure,

Who are the Tories kidding? The SNP would get destroyed for doing a deal with them. And on top of that parking independence? The party would destroy itself.

This is about posturing over a minority government. If the SNP can form a majority with the Tories but don't then they only have themselves to blame. I can't see any other reason other than trying to seem to the electorate like they are being responsible unlike the LibDems who failed to form a government - it might milk some of their votes for Anabelle..

JRB said...

Power – especially political power – is a drug more addictive than any opioid or other chemical substance.

Those ambitious and erstwhile politicians who promised us the earth, once they have had the slightest taste of power will sell their soul, their conscience, even their grannies, in order not to relinquish that power.

Those unfortunate politicians who have never tasted power are just as desperate to experience the numbing mind addled high that it brings.

So be prepared for the weirdest and most outrageous of political coalitions.

RMcGeddon said...

The SNP and Tories do share the same values so it might work out ok.
Both love the EU. Both want more EU/ 3rd world immigration. Both believe in the global warming scam and want more windmills built as soon as possible. And both don't want a referendum on independence for Scotland. It could work ok.
The Tories campaigned against devolution and then fought tooth and nail to get their snouts in the Scottish Government gravy train when it was voted through. Poor Mary Scanlon had to travel hundreds of miles around Scotland before managing to get her big snout in the trough.

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Will the Tories in Scotland hold a review of the Smoking Ban including an in-depth examination of the "Cherrypicked" studies that led to it's introduction.

Will the Tories in Scotland accept that Modern Air Filtration equipment deals effectively with Second Hand Smoke.

Will the Tories in Scotland recall those members of the Anti-Smoking lobby who gave evidence in 2005 that resulted in the Smoking Ban and examine in-depth the evidence they gave.

subrosa said...

No comment Sue. :)

subrosa said...

That's about all it would do Alex.

subrosa said...

I'm getting my head round it John, slowly but surely.

subrosa said...

It will be interesting to watch how the SNP behave RM.

subrosa said...

Eddie, answers: no, no and no.

The points you raise are very similar to those the SNP introduced to get the cost of alcohol increased.

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